Lee Seung Gi donates the unpaid earnings he has received to a meaningful cause

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With the money returned to him, Lee Seung Gi made a generous donation to help pediatric patients at Seoul National University Children’s Hospital.

Last month, it was revealed that Lee Seung Gi had submitted a content certification to Hook Entertainment, his longtime agency, requesting transparent disclosure of his earnings. Dispatch then released a report alleging that Lee Seung Gi had never received any of his digital music earnings from the agency, which Hook Entertainment initially denied, insisting that they had gone over all relevant financial details with the singer and paid him in full. that he was owed when renewing his exclusive contract in 2021.

However, after Lee Seung Gi’s legal representative released an additional statement refuting Hook Entertainment’s claims, the agency’s CEO finally apologized and announced that she would “take full responsibility for the dispute with Lee Seung Gi.” On December 16, Hook Entertainment claimed that the company had paid Lee Seung Gi all of the unpaid earnings owed to him.

Lee Seung Gi then took to Instagram to share his own perspective on the incident and also vowed to donate any proceeds returned to him.

On December 29, the Seoul National University Children’s Hospital reported that they had received a donation of 2 billion won (approximately $1.6 million) from the singer-actor that will be used to improve medical facilities. They also revealed that Lee Seung Gi personally visited the hospital, where he expressed sympathy for the difficulties faced in treating pediatric patients due to structural issues at the facility.

The hospital intends to use Lee Seung Gi’s generous donation to combat overcrowding in hospital rooms and upgrade its aging facilities so that patients can receive treatment in a more comfortable environment. In addition, they are considering naming one of the upgraded districts “Lee Seung Gi Ward” in honor of the donor and his generosity.

Lee Seung Gi took to his personal Instagram account to share his thoughts, writing:

I wanted to use this money for something more meaningful, since it was returned to me. I myself went to the site and examined the poor conditions with my own eyes. So I decided on Seoul National University Children’s Hospital.

Seeing seven children and their guardians, numbering up to 14 people, in a hospital room, clinging to hope and fighting these diseases is a sight I couldn’t forget. I’m currently back after donating 2 billion won a while ago.

Seoul National University Children’s Hospital is the first children’s hospital established in South Korea. I hope this becomes a small consolation for the patient children and their families, and I hope that they can overcome their illnesses in a better environment and return to their daily lives.

My donations will continue into the new year as well.

I will go back to different places and use [this money] in more significant places. I pray that everyone ends this year well and that the new year is filled with good things.

Thank you.

In another statement on his decision to donate to the children’s hospital, Lee Seung Gi said, “The low birth rate is a matter of the nation’s survival, and the healthy development and happiness of children can create a bright future for Korea. South. As much as a single donation has its limits, I hope that it will serve as an opportunity to build a space for pediatric patients and also draw attention and interest from society, and I will continue to show interest and support so that the children can grow up healthy. and happy”.

Kim Yeon Soo, director of Seoul National University Hospital, stated, “We are grateful for your deep consideration of the difficulties our facility is facing and for your decision. [to donate]. As a medical professional, he has become a great help. The entire staff at Seoul National University Hospital will work together to not only treat our pediatric patients, but also to help their overall growth and continue to help improve the quality of life for their families as well.”

This is not Lee Seung Gi’s first donation for pediatric care. In 2019, she made a donation to help pay for treatment of pediatric patients, as well as ancillary equipment used for medical rehabilitation. She has also made other contributions in favor of children and adolescents, such as the donations she made to help children from low-income families who are more vulnerable to COVID-19 infections. She intends to continue these donations in 2023 as well.

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