‘Gossip Girl’ Star Michelle Trachtenberg Brings Mayhem And Damage With Georgina’s Return

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The bitch is back as the last episode of Gossip Girl marks the return of Georgina (Michelle Trachtenberg) to the HBO Max revival show (new episodes Thursdays on Crave in Canada).

Spoilers for Gossip Girl Season 2, Episode 6 beyond this point

In episode 6 of the show’s second season, Kate (Tavi Gevinson) is kidnapped and wakes up 24 hours later with Georgina at Dan and Serena’s house. As it turns out, for about five or six years, Georgina has been breaking into the couple’s home in Brooklyn Heights.

“They fired their staff when they thought someone was breaking in,” Georgina says, adding that she had her son Milo (Azhy Robertson) play video on the couple’s security cameras so they wouldn’t see her.

“Now they’re bringing in a paranormal expert. They have no idea I’m their poltergeist.”

Georgina believes that Kate’s Gossip Girl has the potential to be better than the original and proceeds to pressure Kate to help sabotage Max Wolf’s (Thomas Doherty) parents’ new wedding, after threatening to tell the police about it. Gossip Girl.

As the chaos unfolds, Georgina says that screwing up this vow renewal was just a test, which Kate passed. Georgina’s advice to Kate is that she needs to do more than just report stories, she needs to create them, offering Kate the chance to learn how to be “a true agent of chaos”.

While Kate insists that she doesn’t want Georgina’s help, we’ll see how this relationship progresses throughout the rest of the season.

It was stressful seeing her come back because I grew up watching her.

“It was a lot of fun having her,” Zión Moreno, who plays Luna, said of working with the original. Gossip Girl star. “She’s hilarious.”

“It was stressful to see her come back because I grew up watching her. I’m like, oh my gosh, I hope I’m doing your show justice. So that was great. It was kind of a lesson in being comfortable.” in who you are and your work, and I really see that as a blessing because what we do is really cool.”

Michelle Trachtenberg in Gossip Girl Season 2 on HBO Max, Crave in Canada (Photo by Karolina Wojtasik/HBO Max)

‘Anyone in front of her will fall’

For showrunner Joshua Safran, the return of Michelle Trachtenberg’s Georgina was always on the cards, but he wanted to establish this new Gossip Girl world before adding the iconic character to the mix.

“I always knew that I wanted Michelle back,” Safran said. “Michelle and I have kept in touch over the years and when the first season was ordered, she came up to me and said, ‘When is Georgina coming back?'”

“Georgina works best when she can create the most chaos and destroy the most things, so she wanted to have time to set up all of those things so that when she arrives, she will do the most damage.”

That didn’t stop Safran from dropping a few hints in season 1 about Georgina’s return, most notably introducing her son Milo in season one, which included Zoya (Whitney Peak) coming over to her house.

“Of course we had to ask Michelle’s permission to have all the pictures of her with Elon Musk and with Putin. That was just a little easter egg, but we knew she was coming,” Safran said.

The showrunner also praises Trachtenberg’s ability to put himself back in Georgina’s shoes.

“Once Michelle got on set, Georgina came right back,” Safran said. “Just to see her step back into that role was so extraordinary.”

“Michelle is nothing like Georgina, I mean they couldn’t be further apart. She’s the sweetest. I guess the only area they’re the same is that Michelle is incredibly bright and very fast, and very fast. She’s one of the most ingenious”. people I’ve met, but her wit is kind words, Georgina’s wit is unbelievably petty.”

In terms of what the trajectory of Georgina’s character will be as Gossip Girl continues, Safran stressed before the season premiere that the character is all about “burning things down.”

“Georgina is an anarchist, all she cares about is burning things down,” Safran said. “The funny thing about Georgina is that no matter who gets in her way, whoever stands in front of her is going to fall.”

Just seeing her step back into that role was so extraordinary.

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