Ireland Baldwin details the mental and physical ‘war’ of pregnancy: ‘This is hard’

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Ireland Baldwin is keeping all the royal way about her pregnancy.

The 27-year-old model took to Instagram on Wednesday to give her followers a very honest and detailed update on her experience, comparing the various mental and physical changes to “war.”

“I underestimated how difficult pregnancy would be for my mind and body,” she admitted, identifying herself as someone who already “deals with extreme health anxiety on a daily basis.”

Baldwin, who announced she was expecting her first child with musician RAC (real name: André Allen Anjos) on New Year’s Eve, said she has “struggled to adjust” to all the new “body sensations” including “aches and aches and “Organs are going to shit randomly.”

ireland baudouin
Ireland Baldwin is detailing the mental and physical “war” of pregnancy.

She added that it is “unrealistic” to be “bright and angelic and in a constant state of happiness”, referring to herself as a “goblin”, “bridge troll” and “curmudgeon” who is “throwing up 6 times a day”.

Aside from the “physical aspect”, the eldest daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger feels like her “brain and thoughts are at war every day”, describing the feeling as “mental warfare”.

“’Just wait for the baby to arrive, you won’t be able to sleep,’” she pretends to be told. “Bitch, I don’t sleep now. SHUT. I’m tired. I am unmotivated. I feel like life happens and my career hasn’t even started.”

ireland baudouin
The 27-year-old model told her Instagram followers on Wednesday that she is “exhausted”, “unmotivated” and “throwing up 6 times a day”.

Ireland added that she “would have lost [her] mind” if it were not for the support of RAC, 37.

“He is everything and more to me,” she gushed. However, he admitted that it has been difficult being away from most of his loved ones.

“It’s hard not to be too close to family to begin with because they live far away or are idiots I want nothing to do with,” she wrote. “It’s hard to see other people go through this and have their parents around.”

Ireland Baldwin and RAC
She said that “I would have lost [her] mind” if it weren’t for the support of her boyfriend, the musician RAC.

Socially, Ireland said she feels “alone” especially when browsing social media and seeing “mutuals dressing up for events, having drinks, working on sets, going to school.”

“It’s even harder to watch some of your friends fade away or don’t know how to relate to you anymore,” he continued. “Especially when you were nothing to them more than a drinking buddy and a good time.”

The model added: “It’s hard when your closest friends have their own thing and you don’t know when it’s a good time to get emotionally involved with them.”

Ireland Baldwin sonogram
Baldwin and RAC announced that they were expecting their first child together on New Year’s Eve.

Although she is “grateful” but “struggling”, Ireland is “not writing this post out of sympathy” but rather “in the hope that someone will read this and feel less alone”.

“This sh*t is HARD,” he repeated multiple times, including in his caption, before reminding his fans that “it’s okay to be REAL and post highlight reels” and “it’s okay to be happy and sad at the same time.” .

She also made sure to point out that “none of this reflects how excited [she is] be his mom.”

Ireland Baldwin and Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin’s eldest daughter added that it’s been hard being away from most of her loved ones.
Getty Images for Comedy Central

Earlier this month, Ireland revealed that she was having a girl. She shamelessly debuted her “non-existent” baby bump last week.

His stepmother, Hilaria Baldwin, 39, who shares seven children under the age of 10 with Alec, 64, “can’t wait to meet the little baby.”

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