A guide to AGDQ 2023: what sprint races to watch and when

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Another year is here, and with it comes another Awesome Games Done Quick: the annual charity speedrunning marathon that raises millions of dollars for worthwhile causes every year.

With speedrunning as the theme, let’s get into our guide to the event as soon as possible:

AGDQ 2023 Guide

A Guide To AGDQ 2023: Which Speedruns To Watch And When 3
Image: Joey “SeaAverage” Seabaugh

Where and when to see AGDQ 2023

AGDQ ’23 will take place from 12:30 pm on Sunday, January 8 until the final at 2:49 am on Sunday, January 15.

You can watch AGDQ live in the following places:

You can also find the VODs on YouTube.

What is AGDQ?

This is how their website describes the event:

Games Done Quick (GDQ) is a series of video game fundraising charity events featuring high-level gameplay. To date, GDQ has raised more than $37 million for charity.

AGDQ takes place at the beginning of the year, and SGDQ (Summer Games Done Quick) takes place in…you guessed it…summer. Each features hundreds of sprint races from some of the best sprinters in the business, and while there are usually no world record-breaking races during the broadcasts, you can still see some incredible talent on display, usually accompanied by an expert commentator. .

In addition to sprint races, there are also contests for spectators, plays, and prizes to be won.

What speed races should I watch?

A Guide To AGDQ 2023: Which Speedruns To Watch And When 2

Well, we tend to have a bias towards Nintendo games, but Nintendo games also tend to make the sprint races more exciting anyway, so here’s our list (all times on ET, but the time will automatically detect your time zone):

Anything bold and underline Check out our ultimate picks – if you don’t see anything else, check these out!

sunday january 8

monday january 9

  • Superliminal All Collectibles — 9:36 am
  • Portal Hovercraft% — 7:11 pm
  • fable anniversary Any% — 11:11 am

Tuesday January 10

Wednesday January 11

Thursday January 12

friday january 13

Saturday January 14

sunday january 15

You can check the schedule for yourself here on the GDQ site.

How can I see the speedruns I missed?

AGDQ saves all the VODs (recordings) of each speedrun on his YouTube channel. These videos take a while to edit and process, so you can expect YouTube uploads to be at least a day behind the live schedule.

Here’s the Breath of the Wild speedrun from day one of AGDQ 2023:

What charity is AGDQ supporting this year?

The Prevent Cancer Foundation, which you can read more about here.

How do I donate to PCF/support AGDQ?

There are many ways to donate to your chosen charity and/or support AGDQ. Are here:

GDQ Support

What do I get for donating?

A Guide to AGDQ 2023: Which Speedruns to Watch and When 4
Image: Barkwinter

Depending on the amount you donate, you can be entered into drawings to win prizes, and each prize requires a limit amount to enter; this could be as low as $5 or $10, or as high as hundreds of dollars. The pirzes are often handmade or donated by spectators, and some of them are Really precious collector’s items. The full list of prizes and entry thresholds can be found here.

You can also put your donation towards an incentive. These are usually “votes” for something in a game on the show, such as voting to kill or spare a particular character, wearing a particular costume, or giving your support for a bonus game to be played if the target is killed. meet on time. . Some incentive votes are write-in, which means anyone can vote for anything (with her money). Right now, there are a ton of people bidding on character names, language options, and Pokemon names. You can see all the incentives, offers and votes here.

If you subscribe to the GDQ Twitch channel, you’ll get 64 custom emotes, secondary badges, and all the other regular Twitch perks like channel points and ad-free viewing.

What speedruns do you have on your agenda for this year’s GDQ? Tell us in the comments! Happy watching, and may the RNG always be in your favor.

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