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An MCU actor initially turned down an appearance in Avengers: Endgame

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A major MCU actor who refused to make an appearance in Avengers: Endgame regretted his decision, and it’s for a pretty good reason.

A villainous Marvel Cinematic Universe actor turned down a Avengers Endgame appearance, and has come to regret his decision. As the MCU movie that features a veritable horde of heroes taking on Thanos, Avengers Endgame it provided an opportunity for any character to show up and make a difference. With the Guardians of the Galaxy, the people of Asgard, the Wakandans, and every living member of the Avengers on the field and ready to fight, there was even a chance that the villains would show up to the fight and prove they weren’t. . all wrong. Even dead villains could show up, thanks to the Soul Stone.


However, despite having the chance to make a cameo in Avengers EndgameCrossbones actor Frank Grillo turned down an offer to appear in the film. Crossbones, who was killed by Wanda Maximoff in early captain America: Civil War, he originally appeared as a friendly face for Captain America before revealing that he was secretly an agent of Hydra. Grillo recently revealed in an interview with Empire in a recent print version of hat magazine, he refused to have the character appear in Avengers Endgame, but he had a good reason to do so. Check out the quote from him below:

There was supposed to be a lot more of Crossbones. I was the only character that I think should be in more of them, and these other idiot characters are still there. He was being a jerk, being a bit petulant. [My son] He said, ‘This is going to be the biggest movie in the world,’ and he was right. And I had a beautiful time. They did the 10th anniversary, Stan Lee was there, and I just got up and left. “I’m so dumb!”

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Could Crossbones return to the MCU via The Multiverse?

Crossbones in Captain America Winter Soldier

While Marvel’s multiverse has some confusing rules, it could be the perfect excuse for a villain like Crossbones to return afterward. Avengers Endgame. Since Grillo regrets his refusal to reprise the role, he could always play a variant of Crossbones and take on the new Captain America, Sam Wilson. With Captain America: New World Order Set to hit theaters in early 2024, Marvel may drag Wilson and fellow hero Bucky Barnes into The Multiverse Saga by having them meet a seemingly resurrected Crossbones, who is secretly a multiversal variant with a bone to choose from. Since Marvel Comics often brings characters back from the dead, Crossbones could be the first in a long line of Marvel returnees.

Where Crossbones ranks among the villains of the Avengers

Captain America Civil War Crossbones Gauntlet Captain America

While Crossbones was never the most powerful villain, he was always a threat, thanks to his connection to Hydra. With Marvel suffering from a copycat villain problem even earlier Avengers EndgameHowever, most of the franchise’s villains tend to be mirror images of the heroes, which can result in tedious final fights. Crossbones proved to be a different type of villain, as he never had superpowers like his adversaries Captain America and the Scarlet Witch. Instead, he was a villain who posed a systemic threat as a cog in the Hydra machine, proving that anyone the heroes trusted could become a monster.

Still, Crossbones can’t be compared to villains like the charismatic Thanos in Avengers Endgame or the convincing Kang in Loki. While he may be more interesting than Whiplash, Aldrich Killian, or Malekith the Accursed, he only ranks within the top half of MCU villains for many due to the aforementioned villain problem. He also helped make Crossbones really fit into the story that he appeared in. Although Gorr was not the Thor: Love and Thunder villain the movie needed, because it failed to play to the film’s strengths, Crossbones is perfect for the morally great Captain America. That’s why Crossbones is so memorable and why he could have been perfect in Avengers Endgame.

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