Bryan Fuller wants his Friday the 13th show to go to space

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jason x

It probably won’t be filled with Jason X, but Crystal Lake can use every iteration of Jason.
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A Friday the 13th prequel show noble crystal lake comes to peacock, and now its showrunner, bryan fuller, is clearing up some misconceptions. In a new interview, Fuller explained that the show can, in fact, use anything from the Friday the 13th franchise because it’s a streaming series, not a movie. He also revealed why the show is likely to last at least two seasons, how many seasons he has planned, and that if the show lasts 10 seasons, he has a plan for that.

“If we have 10 seasons, I’ll make a concerted effort to find a way to streamline and dramatically and somehow go to space,” Fuller told Fangoria. “I can’t imagine going 10 seasons, but I’ll say, uh… well, I haven’t gotten past designing the first three seasons, honestly, so I guess it’s very easy for me to say, yeah, if we get to 10 seasons, we’re going to space. Wait and see!”

When news of the show’s arrival broke, it was reported that due to the complicated rights issues surrounding the Friday the 13th franchise, the show wouldn’t be able to use anything from the movies after the first movie. Which basically meant Jason didn’t have a hockey mask on. But Fuller explained that is not the case.

“As a streaming series, we have the rights to do everything below the Friday the 13th umbrella,” he said. “Movie rights are a completely different thing. They’re tied up in New Line and they’re super, super messy and probably won’t be unraveled anytime soon, but as far as us chickens in the TV industry are concerned, uh, hen housewe have access to anything and everything Friday the 13th has done up to this point.”

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It won’t be just Pamela in Crystal Lake
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However, since the show is a prequel, fans speculated how long before the first movie the show could take place. Years? decades? Centuries? Fuller couldn’t go into detail about when the show is set or what the story is, but said it’s less of a prequel and more of a “pre-remake-uel.” What does that mean? Well, he said that Jason will be a part of the series and “I think over the course of the series you’re going to see a lot of familiar manifestations of Jason.” That makes it sound like it will be much, much closer to the original stories than many expected.

Furthermore, Fuller explained that crystal lake comes to Peacock because the streamer really rolled out the red carpet for her equipment. “There was a bidding war on this, and [Peacock] He came strong and gave us a full season commitment with a huge penalty if we don’t do a second season,” he said. “So it is about a two season engagement [laughs], but really only the commitment of the first season. We’re going to have about five times the budget per episode that we had in Hannibal.

You have read well. “Five times the budget per episode” by Hannibal. An amazing looking show. No wonder Fuller thinks if the show runs for 10 seasons, he’ll be able to get a jason x and go to space. “It will be absolutely recognizable by the hardcore Friday the 13th fans, but it will also appeal to people who are simply interested in top-tier television storytelling,” he said.

Read more from Fuller about Fangoria and be attentive to crystal lake some day in the future.

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