Recap of Walking Dead: What was lost Season 11 Episode 20

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In her sparkling maroon pantsuit, a serious Pamela Milton finds herself in the Commonwealth prison.

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Good news, Living Dead fans, er, people who have been watching the show for so long that they feel compelled to watch it until the end, regardless of how much pleasure which can either could not be receiving from it’s! Pamela Milton has finally declared war on all the people who have made her comfortable life difficult since her arrival, and things may finally start to look up. A little.

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“What’s Been Lost” is a fairly straightforward episode of TWD, but simple is a direction, which means that the simmering hostilities eventually get somewhere. Pamela has her Commontroopers and her private squad of goons kidnap all of the Alexandrians, Hilltoppers, and assorted friends who have been stirring up trouble and causing a riot, though Daryl and Carol manage to elude her would-be captors. The only one Pam ain’t got sixzed is Yumiko, whom Eugene wants to prosecute for killing Sebastian (by turning him into a zombie). Yumiko, unsurprisingly, is unwilling to do this, but Pam not only threatens her friends, but her brother Tomi as well.

Daryl and Carol go to see Hornsby hoping he has some information that will allow them to free the others. They find him in his cell, covered in blood, muttering to himself, as the chained zombie Sebastian writhes in a pool of more blood trying to grab another meal. After some light torture, Hornsby agrees to show them where they have been taken and how to get out of town, but Daryl is forced to stay behind to cover Carol and Hornsby’s escape from prison.

Hornsby is actually the climax of “What’s Been Lost”, because forces one of the main protagonists of the series to consider what they are doing in the Commonwealth and what the consequences may be. He points out, accurately, that it is civilians who are always injured in revolutions. “You and your people will have the lives of 50,000 people in your hands,” he says, when Pamela is overthrown. “Will you let the Commonwealth burn?” When Carol says that it’s not her problem, he reminds the many children of the Commonwealth, “Are you really going to deny them the only chance to have the kind of life you take for granted?” But Carol has no answer for that.

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Hornsby takes her to one of the Commonwealth’s abandoned “infrastructure repair projects,” where they get into a fight in the dark with zombies whose skin seems too easy to tear off. It’s just a bit of busy work until Carol and Hornsby go outside, they are confronted by a group of Commontroopers, which in itself is busy work because Daryl shows up and shoots them in the back, saving the day.

This is when Hornsby makes a near-fatal mistake: he mentions that all the trio need to do is follow the train tracks to find where they’ve all taken them. With that, Daryl and Carol have all the information they need to go rescue their friends without the probably unreliable Hornsby. They seem seconds away from killing him, telling him they’re about to kill him, repeatedly, but offer him him the opportunity to run. And that’s when Hornsby makes his fatal mistake. He grabs a rifle from the fallen Commontroopers’ jeep and Carol instantly pierces him with a couple of arrows. Goodbye, Hornsby. You were weird and reasonably interesting while you lasted.

Back in the Commonwealth, Yumiko is forced to keep a press conference where he will announce that he will prosecute Eugene to the extent of the laws the Commonwealth still has on the books. Instead, Yumiko announces that she will stand up for Eugene, which shocks everyone at the press conference and no one watches the TV series. The final show is everyone getting on a Commonwealth bus, tied up and with sacks over their heads, going to wherever the hell Pam puts the dissidents.

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There weren’t, as predicted, any of the smarter new zombie variants that gave last week’s episode a bit of a thrill, sadly. Which means that although this episode made the conflict between Our People and the Commonwealth manifest, and although Hornsby bit it, “What We Lost” is somewhat less exciting than last week’s doorknobWhich is the cruelest way I can say it, although I don’t really mean it.

It is just that The Walking Dead it’s still meandering towards whatever its conclusion is, which should be pretty epic given that the show was once the most popular drama series on television. At the very least, one would think that the creators of the show would want to ramp up the excitement to hopefully inspire the remaining fans to check out the spin-offs. dead city Y Daryl Dixon. Instead, The Walking Dead it’s just… happening.

But, if you want to be optimistic, there are still four more hours left in the series and there’s no reason the show couldn’t get more exciting in that time frame. Is it too little too late? Probably. But I’d still appreciate some something before the end comes.

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Assorted reflections:

  • Hornsby admits that bringing Alexandria and the other communities into the Commonwealth fold was “mishandled”. He got a laugh out of me.
  • The Commontroopers also took Dog away. This is ridiculous.
  • After Pam threatens Tomi, Yumiko wisely thanks her for all her contributions to the Commonwealth at the press conference, making sure people notice if Pam takes him away. Intelligent! However, she is still technically doomed to the rest of her friends, at least as far as she knows.
  • When Daryl and Carol took Horsnby out of his cell, Horsnby’s corpse Sebastianhead was fine minus a knife hole in it. But when Pam goes to the cell to check on it later, Sebastian’s head is smashed in and Hornsby’s double-headed coin got caught in the blood. Was my screener missing a scene? Or was it the same for you?

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