Big Brother 24 Live Feeds Week 8: Friday Night Highlights

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After today’s Big Brother 24 nomination ceremony, The Leftovers alliance finished imploding, and most of the guests went into survival mode, revealing both secrets and lies. It’s hard to even know what is true or not, and what someone’s real intentions are. In other words, welcome to Big Brother.

If you have Live Feeds (free trial), you can see all these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and see those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

4:27 pm BBT: broadcasts return. Brittany is crying in the HOH room talking to Turner. She nominated Brittany and Taylor.

4:30 PM BBT – Brittany is trying to figure out why she’s on the block. Turner says that she is not the target and that she is not going home. He says that Michael is going to win the veto and get her off the block. He then says that if Taylor wins the veto, someone else will come up and Brittany will still not go home.

4:32 PM BBT – Turner tells Brittany that Taylor clearly has plans for the ending that have nothing to do with him. Brittany tells Turner that Taylor wanted the final 5 to be Taylor, Brittany, Michael, Monte, and Joseph, so she confirms what Turner just said.

4:34 PM BBT – Taylor talks to Terrance and he’s upset that Turner apparently used Joseph as one of the reasons Taylor went to the block. He now wonders why Joseph was so nice to her if he was just going to throw her under the bus. Terrance tells Taylor that the only thing Joseph told him about Taylor was that Terrance was her initial target the week before.

4:39 PM BBT – Brittany continues to throw Taylor under the bus towards Turner. Now talking about how they think Taylor and Joseph’s fauxmance was turning into a real show.

4:42 PM BBT – Michael asks Turner what’s going on. Turner said that he didn’t want to put Michael or his friends on the block, so he has to apologize for that. Michael says that he appreciates not being on the block. Turner tells Michael that he doesn’t know why Joseph would have lied about what he said (turner turns out to be saying that Joseph said that Taylor and Brittany came to him for an Ending 3). Turner tells Michael that he thinks Taylor was making final plans that didn’t include him. He said that he felt that he was too early to plan that in his alliance, so he made this move.

4:44pm BBT: Michael says he feels like he should but can’t because he’s not on the block. However, he says that he’s a bit confused because of the conversation they had earlier (Turner told Michael and Brittany that he wasn’t going to put them up again and that he was messing with the Leftovers). Turner says that until he got the keys out of the bag he had no idea if he wanted to go this route or the one he discussed with Michael and Brittany (which was to nominate Terrance and Alyssa).

4:46 pm BBT: Michael asks if Turner would prefer Taylor to leave. Turner says that he loves Brittany and that he doesn’t want her to go. He says that he doesn’t want Taylor to leave either, but he believes that Taylor is the one who was trying to start a smaller group without most of the alliance. Turner said that he felt that he would be saving the remaining six leftovers just to be the first to be eliminated. Michael says that he understands that.

4:58pm BBT: Brittany tells Alyssa that the story about her trying to make it to a Final 3 with Taylor and Joseph doesn’t even make sense.

5:00 pm BBT: Michael and Brittany catch up. Michael says that I hope he gets elected to the veto and wins so he can bring her down. Brittany says this sucks because the reason they were given is not one bit true.

5:04pm BBT: Michael says Alyssa told him she knew Taylor and Brittany were going upstairs and Turner told him she didn’t know until she got the keys out of the bag, so Turner lied to him about it.

5:11 PM BBT – Turner tells Alyssa that Taylor and Brittany are not threats. So if they can get Michael out this week, that would be ideal and then they can get Brittany and Taylor out afterwards.

5:14 pm BBT: Michael tells Brittany that they’ve been in worse positions before and they’ve gotten out of it.

5:15pm BBT: Brittany says she feels like she needs to come clean with Alyssa because she can’t end up in the situation they put Indy and Jasmine in where they were confronted about not coming clean.

5:22 PM BBT – Turner swears on his life to Taylor that Joseph told him that Taylor and Joseph had a final deal.

5;31pm BBT: Turner looks into the camera and says it’s a good thing he’s not lying about it because Joseph said that (if that happened we must have missed some of it when the live feeds were in the back yard) .

5:32pm BBT: Taylor talks to Michael to make sure Brittany lets him know that there was never a Final 3 with Joseph. Michael says that he does and he never believed there was. Taylor says that Joseph told Turner yes. Michael says that he doesn’t even make sense of Joseph doing that. Taylor says they keep saying that Joseph took a shit over there.

5:36 PM BBT – Taylor tells Michael that if she or Brittany goes down, he goes up unless he’s the one who won the veto. Michael says yes. Taylor says that this is literally the end of the world scenario.

5:38pm BBT: Michael says that they could be using Joseph as a scapegoat and that this is all just a cover to turn on them.

5:41 PM BBT: Michael questions why Joseph would use his final moments in the game to sink Taylor’s game. He says that doesn’t make sense. Why would Joseph want to go out and ruin his games? They agree that it doesn’t make sense.

5:42 PM BBT: Michael says they must think they have an easier path to the end against Terrance and Alyssa. Michael says that he’s sure Kyle would love to sit next to Alyssa at the end because he’s sure he could beat her.

5:43 PM BBT – Taylor says that nothing they’ve been told sounds like Joseph at all. Michael agrees.

5:45 PM BBT – Kyle tells Monte that Alyssa and Terrance know everything about the alliance.

5:49pm BBT: Alyssa tells Monte that Brittany, Taylor, and Michael don’t know that she knows everything, so she keeps hearing them lie to her face about everything.

6:46 PM BBT: Alyssa tells Taylor that Joseph sold her.

7:10 pm BBT: Taylor tells Monte all the things Alyssa said that Joseph said to her. Monte asks if maybe someone else revealed all these things and Joseph had to defend himself. Monte says that if Joseph felt on the ropes and was forced to defend himself, and maybe he did so poorly, it would all make a little more sense. Monte tells Taylor that he finds all these things about Joseph very hard to believe.

7:26 PM BBT: Taylor says all of this is interesting because they have truths but they say they come from someone else.

7:29 PM BBT – Monte tells Taylor that Joseph has been the most honest person he has ever seen. He said that José was always loyal to them.

7:33pm BBT: Taylor asks Monte if she gets HG’s pick in the veto draw if she can pick him and if he would take her down. He says 100 percent.

7:38 pm BBT: Michael asks Kyle if Alyssa knows everything about the alliance. Kyle says that he thinks there’s a chance he could do it.

7:56 pm BBT: Brittany tells Alyssa that she knows about the Leftovers (she already knows, of course, and Brittany knows that she knows).

7:59 PM BBT – Brittany tells Alyssa that she was late for Leftovers and that Kyle and Turner started.

8:22 PM BBT – Alyssa tells Kyle and Turner that Brittany came clean to her.

8:40pm BBT: Kyle says he didn’t know M/T/B were this close until Michael picked Taylor third for the Insiders. He thinks that Joseph’s game was based on spinning conversations and once everyone was stuck in the backyard having open discussions, Joseph’s game didn’t work anymore.

8:50pm BBT: Turner meets with Kyle, Alyssa, Monte and Terrance in the HOH room to formalize their high five. Kyle says that the production could add an additional HG Choice chip in the Veto bag to add drama.

8:55 PM BBT – Michael talking to Brittany. He says that Taylor asked him if he would veto her if he wins. He just said that she would use the Veto. However, Michael doesn’t want to screw with Taylor.

9:00 pm BBT: Alyssa admits to the group that the grand alliance must have been the focus of the show because she never had a DR.

9:05 pm BBT: Brittany tells Michael that she is trying to be careful not to lie to Pooch.

9:10 pm BBT: Monte joins Michael and Brittany. He asks if Michael talked to Turner. Michael points out that Turner didn’t care that Alyssa knew about the LOs and thought that she showed.

9:15pm BBT: Monte tells Michael that he doesn’t think Joseph said all the things outsiders attribute to him.

9:25 PM BBT: Terrance tells Turner that he finally feels like he can breathe in the game. Turner tells Terrance that it was his HOH last week that started all of this. He wants Terrance to come to him to verify the information he hears.

9:50pm BBT: HG in the kitchen and they discuss an early bedtime (they have to wait until 10pm).

10:20pm BBT: Most of the HGs gathered for the Chinese ladies and some went to bed.

22:40 BBT – Kyle is talking on camera. Kyle says that he should continue to work on building trust between Monte and Alyssa plus Monte and Terrance, since they previously opposed each other. Kyle thinks it’s annoying that Michael and Brittany are after him. His wish list for the boot order: Michael, Taylor, and then Monte. Kyle believes that he will break up if he makes it to the end with Alyssa, Turner, Birttany and Terrance.

10:55 p.m. BBT: Turner tells Michael that he will pick him for HG Choice. (No)

11:30 pm BBT: the HGs go to bed.

Big swings and game changes on Friday as Turner took on his After Party alliance in the morning and then immediately took on the Leftovers. The change is that he wasn’t confident about teaming up with Alyssa and Terrance (low compare returns), but when Monte was added to the mix, he felt better about it. Now Michael, Taylor and Brittany know exactly what’s going on and they’ll have to fight hard in the Veto race on Saturday.

You can watch all of these Big Brother events using Flashback Archives, this year’s Live Feeds DVR-like feature, which means you’re always live, even when you missed it! Sign up now for the free trial to see it all live and uncensored.

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