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Students at Kanye West’s tuition-based Christian private school will not complete the academic year after parents were notified of Donda Academy’s immediate closure on Wednesday, reports claim.

According to The Times of London, which obtained an email from Donda Academy director Jason Angell, the school will close for the remainder of the 2022-2023 year “at the discretion of our founder.”

The closure is effective from Thursday.

West, who legally changed her name to Ye, established the school, named after her late mother Donda West, in August 2021 in Simi Valley, California, for students in kindergarten through 12th grade.

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The school closure comes amid growing outrage over several anti-Semitic comments made by Ye, 45, in recent weeks.

Angell told parents that school will “start fresh” in 2023. “Our leadership team will work diligently to help all families through this transition, making sure every student has what they need to be successful in their next community.” quickly and courteously.” ”, the email said.

“We are confident that our scholars will continue to advance as creative innovators, courageous influencers, and next-generation academic leaders,” Angell concluded.

Limited information is publicly available about Ye’s unaccredited school. Rolling Stone reported in September that Donda Academy families must sign a confidentiality agreement and shell out more than US$15,000 (about $20,301) in tuition per school year. Students must also wear light gray uniforms produced by the Balenciaga fashion house.

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The Times claimed there were fewer than 100 students and 13 full-time teachers at the school.

The Donda Academy website states that students learn “the basics, grow in their faith, and experience two classes of enrichment.” Daily lessons included full school worship, language arts, math, and science, and enrichment courses including world languages, visual arts, film, choir, and even parkour.

Over the past month, outrage over Ye’s anti-Semitic comments led to the cancellation of several of the rapper’s projects and resulted in widespread condemnation from dozens of celebrities.

Ye’s Twitter account was restricted this month after he tweeted that he was going to “death with 3 over the JEWISH PEOPLE.” (A reference to the defense readiness condition, DEFCON, used by the United States Armed Forces.) The tweet was removed for violating the app’s hate speech policy.

Ye’s Instagram account had previously been restricted after he publicly suggested that rapper Sean “Diddy” Combs was controlled by Jews.

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On Tuesday, Adidas cut ties with Ye after intense public pressure. Adidas said it will immediately stop production of all Yeezy-branded products and stop any payments to Ye.

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Following the end of Ye’s association with Adidas, Forbes reported that the rapper was no longer a billionaire. Ye’s super-exclusive and mega-popular Yeezy sneakers generated huge annual profits for him and the German sports brand.

Ye, who is active on Instagram again, responded with a post, writing “I lost $2 billion in one day / And I’m still alive.”

“Money is not who I am / People are who I am,” he concluded.

He had previously posted that he too, like Ye, had cut ties with Kanye West.

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On Wednesday, Ye visited Sketchers’ head office in Los Angeles unannounced. The company said he was escorted off the property after he “engaged in unauthorized filming.”

“Skechers is not considering and has no intention of working with West,” the company said, adding that it condemned his recent anti-Semitic comments.

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Over the past month, Balenciaga, Vogue, record label Def Jam, major talent agency CAA and film studio MRC (which financed and filmed a documentary about Ye) have parted ways with the artist.

In September, Ye claimed that he ended a 10-year contract with Gap after just two years due to a “substantial breach.” This week, the company said he was taking immediate action to remove his Yeezy Gap line from its stores.

At the time of this writing, Ye has not made any public comments on the closing of the doors of Donda Academy.

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