The 3 zodiac signs that are luckiest in love on February 2, 2023

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What a nice thought; the idea of ​​having a day where we are lucky in love, light and promise…we tend to get into relationships that go from the ‘honeymoon phase’ straight to the mundane. When we start to notice that things are not as ideal as we would have liked, we tend to complain rather than fix them.

Today is a good day to fix, so if you are one of the signs that feel ‘ambitious’ with your love life and your relationship, it is a good day to work on it.

Venus will sextile the Lunar Nodes today, specifically the North Node, and when such an event occurs, we will have the opportunity to face what hurts us without fear. As we all know, ‘what hurts us’ is usually other people and, above all… people we have loved.

The North Node presents the idea of ​​’wanting to heal’, and with Venus sextile the Lunar Nodes, we can expect some healing light to shine in our relationships. We still have one leg to stand on, and we won’t let this romance fall apart, not if we can help it.

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And so today, February 2, during the sextile of Venus between the North and South nodes, we will try one more time, except this time we will know in our hearts that we will make it. This time is different because our intentions are for victory; We’re not here to fight this war to fail, no, we’re not.

So understand this luck we have in love: today is the day you put your relationships back together, and the ‘side’ suggestion would be to not stop until the job is done. This can work, but you have to stick with it… until the end.

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