Pamela Anderson criticized the “Pam & Tommy” team but explained why she “has nothing against Lily James”

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The limited series chronicled the three-year marriage between Pamela and Tommy Lee. In particular, the show focused heavily on the theft and illegal distribution of their infamous sex tape, which the couple recorded in private during their honeymoon.

pam and tommy garnered countless award nominations, including Outstanding Limited or Anthology Series, Outstanding Lead Actor, and Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie at the 2022 Emmy Awards.

There were a lot of people who criticized why a series was being made about Pamela and Tommy’s sex tape, especially when it was clear that Pamela didn’t want to be on the show. In fact, the creator reportedly didn’t even get Pamela’s permission to do so.

While the show was airing, a source close to Pamela told Entertainment Weekly that she would “never, ever watch” the show and hadn’t even seen the trailer when it was released.

Now almost a year later pam and tommy premiered, Pamela is opening up about how hurtful the series was and how she dealt with this horrible moment in her life being replayed for television enjoyment.

“Assholes,” Pamela said in her recent cover story with Variety when asked about pam and tommyreferring in particular to the creator and the people behind the scenes who developed the series.

She continued: “You’re in pain… You still owe me a public apology.”

Pamela also reiterated that she has not seen a minute of pam and tommybut it was hard to escape the billboards promoting the Hulu limited series.

She described Lily and Sebastian dressed as her and Tommy looking like a “Halloween costume”.

With pam and tommyPamela once again stepped into the public spotlight, a place she knows all too well, thanks to her record number of Playboy covers and her time in Baywatchduring which he couldn’t travel anywhere without a security team.

“It was just shocking,” Pamela said of the show. “Tommy probably thought he was funny.”

She explained that Tommy came up to her while pam and tommy was broadcasting: “I remember Tommy writing me a note saying, ‘Don’t let this hurt you like it did the first time,’ because he had heard from the kids that he was struggling with bringing this all up again. “

Although Pamela still has a problem with pam and tommyshe made sure to let Variety know that she doesn’t blame Lily for playing her on the show.

“I think it’s hard to play someone when you don’t know the whole picture. I have nothing against Lily James. I think she’s a beautiful girl and she was just doing the job,” Pamela explained. “But the idea of ​​it all happening was really crushing to me.”

In fact, her upcoming Netflix documentary may offer Pamela the chance to connect with Lily for the first time.

She told Variety: “I told Netflix, ‘I’d love to invite Lily to the movie premiere.'”

In an interview with Net-a-Porter last year, Lily discussed reaching out to Pamela and not receiving a response at the time. “I had high hopes that she was involved. I wish it had been different,” she said.

“I had high hopes that we would stay in touch until we started filming… My only intention was to deal with the story and play Pamela authentically.”

Here’s hoping Pamela and Lily finally meet, and I love that Pamela is taking back her own story and telling it in her own words, finally.

You can read Pamela’s full cover story with Variety here.

With love, Pamela and those of netflix Pamela, a love story both will be released on January 31.

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