Gwendlyn Brown Responds To Brother Paedon’s Claims That Meri Brown Was Abusive; She confirms that Meri got “physical” with sister Mykelti

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It’s a battle of the Browns!

paedon brownrecent revealing interview with blogger John Yates has caused quite a stir, with its accusation that mary brown allegedly abused some of kody brownThe Children of ‘s is the biggest story to emerge so far. While Meri and Kody have yet to publicly comment on Paedon’s claims that Meri was abusive, Paedon’s sister gwendlyn made respond, confirming that Meri did, in fact, allegedly have physical contact with her sister Mykelti.

What the ashley As previously reported, Paedon stated during the interview that he and some of his siblings were “never safe with Meri.”

“Abrasive is not a good enough word to explain what Meri was specifically to some of us kids,” Paedon said, confirming that the alleged abuse was not just verbal. “Oh, it moves so much beyond the verbal.”

He also gave credit to Kody’s fourth wife. Robyn for helping to alert the other adults in the family to the alleged abuse some of the children were allegedly suffering at the hands of Meri.

“I can never hate Robyn because she opened so many eyes,” Paedon said. “And for that I will always be grateful. I will never hate her… Robyn was in an extremely abusive relationship with her ex. And when you were in an abusive relationship, now you see the signs [of others being abused]…

“Robyn probably saved several of our lives. Not definitely, but probably, maybe. He definitely saved Mykelti’s life,” she claimed.

After Paedon’s interview was posted, Gwendlyn was asked on her Patreon account about some of the things Paedon accused Meri of, particularly about Meri’s alleged abuse and what happened with Mykelti.

Gwendlyn, who has stated in the past that she has a good relationship with Meri today, confirmed that there was a physical altercation between Meri and Mykelti at one point. However, she criticized Paedon for criticizing Meri when she has abused her family members in the past.

While answering questions from fans about Paedon’s video, Gwen said that Meri was “scary” to children and became violent on at least one occasion.

“[Meri] It was scary as a child, but she never attacked me and I only saw her violent once. That was all a long time ago,” Gwen said.

Meri, on how to please children once they become adults…

In another comment, Gwendlyn brought up the Mykelti incident.

“Meri had moments where she was rude and scary, but I don’t remember her getting physical with anyone except Mykelti and that was just once. I think everyone deserves a second chance… Honestly, I don’t know anything about saving anyone’s life. She was greeted with more loathing than anything else…”

Gwen then blamed Paedon for doing the interview and warned fans to take what Paedon says with a grain of salt.

“She is the most horrible person I have ever had the displeasure to meet and I would strongly advise against taking anything she says as fact,” he said in a video posted Monday.

“And just think that she knows us and still says that Paedon is the worst! That’s something!”

As The Ashley previously reported, Paedon and Gwen haven’t been in a relationship for years. In 2022, Paedon admitted that Gwen is afraid of him because she hits her.

“I hit Gwen,” Paedon said in a clip posted to TikTok. “I slapped Gwen after they exchanged a few words and I took it too far and I slapped her and she thinks she might do it again and she’s scared of me.”

On Patreon, Gwen told her fans that Paedon is “a hypocrite for calling out Meri for her alleged violence while ignoring hers. He was, and probably still is, the most violent in the whole family.

Mykelti has yet to speak about what happened between her and Meri. However, in Paedon’s interview with John Yates, she claimed that Mykeli and Robyn are very close, despite the fact that most of the Brown siblings dislike Robyn.

“What’s not to like!?”

“Mykelti loves her. I’m glad Mykelti loves her. But she tries to manipulate people and she is now trying to manipulate Mykelti,” Paedon said. “And Mykelti says, ‘Oh no, you don’t have to do that with me. It’s just me.’ And I’m like, ‘Wait, you see? Do you see that she is manipulating you? And Mykelti says: ‘Well, yes. It doesn’t matter.’ And I’m like, ‘Damn Mykelti. You are a saint.

“Mykelti’s views on people don’t really change. Mykelti gets an opinion about someone and stands by it,” she added.

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