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5 Reasons GTA 6 Should Add Multiple Locations Via DLC

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GTA 6 is currently in development and fans are eagerly awaiting its release. While recent leaks have given a premature glimpse of the upcoming game, players are still speculating about various aspects of the title. One of the most popular rumors about the upcoming installment is that it will bring single-player DLC to the series.

GTA 4 has two story-expanding DLCs: The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Toni, but its successor does not. Rockstar Games might have thrown out the DLC ideology for the single player mode, as they haven’t released a single one in nine years. Although nothing has been confirmed yet regarding the DLC for the upcoming title, gamers are optimistic.

This article will explain why Rockstar should consider including multiple locations in the upcoming game via DLC updates.

Note: This article is subjective and only reflects the opinions of the writer.

5 Reasons Players Want Multiple DLC Locations In GTA 6

1) Map Expansion

The first and most obvious benefit of adding multiple locations is map expansion. Grand Theft Auto 4 and 5 have massive open world maps with numerous unique locations, and GTA 6 should do the same. Also, adding new locations will significantly improve the gaming experience.

The GTA fanbase is one of the most active gaming communities in the world, and it’s very likely that players will have explored the entire initial map within days of its release. Therefore, it would be beneficial for Rockstar Games to expand it by adding multiple locations to the game. While it shouldn’t be done right away, a gap of a year or two will suffice for new DLC.

2) New story

New locations can also introduce new storylines to the game. The ‘Episodes from Liberty City’ expansion pack added two new storylines to Grand Theft Auto 4. Similarly, GTA 6 can include multiple storylines based on different locations on the map.

It will certainly provide a unique gaming experience as players will need to travel to various locations to participate in various quests. Today’s video games are known for injecting a distinct atmosphere and flavor into certain locations, and fans will also appreciate the addition of stories native to those areas.

3) Space for the introduction of new characters.

New locations and stories pave the way for the introduction of new characters and even protagonists. GTA 6 is currently rumored to have two leads. However, Rockstar is known for being unpredictable. Game developers can easily sneak in a new protagonist in one of the new DLCs, giving the title a new twist.

New or returning characters can be introduced as NPCs in the new locations. The game is expected to feature places like Brazil, the Caribbean islands, Liberty City, Carcer City, and others. While not confirmed, Rockstar could bring Claude and Niko back in the next game.

4) New ways to travel

Having multiple locations requires a variety of transportation methods to get to them. Long-distance runs in current games are often automated by planes with cutscenes. However, GTA 6 should include manual travel scenarios where players can select the mode of transport they wish to use; the more involved the player is, the better.

While it is possible to get bored while traveling, game developers can include some fun elements or side activities to keep players engaged during the trip.

5) Expanded and improved experience

The PlayStation 5 version of GTA 5 was officially titled Expanded and Improved. However, fans were disappointed in Rockstar for not making any significant improvements and instead only offering minor changes. Most of the players felt that they had been cheated.

This issue can be completely overcome by adding new locations via DLC. Fans have high expectations for Rockstar, and the developers need to focus solely on delivering a truly “extended and improved” experience in the next game.

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