The new battery percentage icon that Apple introduced in the fifth iOS 16 developer beta is not yet available on standard iPhone 11, iPhone XR, iPhone 12 mini, and iPhone 13 mini in the sixth iOS 16 developer beta. today.

Since the launch of the iPhone X in 2017, and on every iPhone with a notch since then, the battery percentage has only been visible in Control Center by swiping down in the top-right corner of the screen. Apple made headlines last week when it finally made the battery percentage visible again in the status bar on iPhones with a notch, removing the need to swipe down, but the feature isn’t supported on all iPhones in recent versions. iOS 16 beta.

The new icon includes the battery percentage inside the icon instead of to the left. The white battery icon remains completely full until the battery reaches 20% or less, at which point one-fifth of the icon turns red and the rest of the icon turns translucent. The current implementation of the icon has proven controversial, but it’s important to remember that iOS 16 is still in beta and subject to further changes.

It’s unclear why the new battery percentage icon isn’t available on some notched iPhone models, but the excluded models are “mini” iPhones or have an LCD screen instead of an OLED screen. As mentioned, iOS 16 is still in beta testing, so it’s possible that Apple may expand the feature in a future beta.

Apple is expected to release iOS 16 to all users with an iPhone 8 or later in September.

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