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What Went Wrong With Westworld: Why Season 5 Isn’t Happening

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To the surprise of many viewers, HBO recently announced the cancellation of Western world after season 4, denying fans of the show a conclusive season 5. One of the network’s most popular original series since its debut in 2016, Western world chronicled a futuristic society in which a theme park inspired by the American West sparked a vicious conflict between humans and their AI counterparts known as hosts. On Western worldOver the four seasons, the series’ star cast included Evan Rachel Wood, Thandiwe Newton, Jeffrey Wright, Tessa Thompson, Ed Harris, Aaron Paul, James Marsden and Anthony Hopkins. HBO Western world is derived from Michael Crichton’s 1973 science fiction film of the same title. Western worldShowrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy originally planned for the series to run for five seasons, however several factors led to its early drop.


Despite Western worldThe start of garnering widespread attention and critical acclaim, including seven Emmy Awards, appreciation for the show steadily declined from season 2 onward. Consequently, HBO’s willingness to invest in the high-budget production also waned. The combination of factors that resulted in HBO’s cancellation of Western world they revolve around low ratings and overly convoluted plots that strayed too far from the show’s origin.

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Westworld Season 2 Was Too Confusing

Dolores and Teddy in Westworld season 2

Admittedly, the original Westworld season 1 theme park mystery storyline contained many deviations, however, the show’s cryptic nature never removed its intrigue and control over its audience. Different actors playing the same character at different times, such as Harris and Jimmi Simpson’s simultaneous portrayal of the Man in Black, plus the unclear timeline of the events of Westworld littered with flashbacks, made for quite a confusing story. Yet, Western world he didn’t veer too far off his beaten path until season 2. Western world Season 2 stayed true to the show’s roots, as much of its story took place at the theme park. However, moving on from Dr. Robert Ford’s (Hopkins) sinister manipulation of the park’s grisly goings-on caused Western world lose much of his hook. Also, the introduction of the series of new theme parks and stories, such as the one in the world of Shogun, detracted from Western worldY’s compelling main narrative formed too many plot threads to keep viewers engaged.

Rotten Tomatoes scored Western world Season 1 with a critic approval rating of 87%, while Season 2 dropped to 85%. While that’s not a huge difference, the audience scores varied more with 93% positive for Season 1 and 76% for Season 2. At the same time, Western world saw its ratings drop dramatically after season 1. The show averaged 1.82 million viewers within the 18–49 demographic during its first season, which dropped to 1.57 million in season 2.

Westworld season 3 strayed from its roots

Westworld Aaron Paul Season 3 Preview

Yes Western world season 2 marked a partial departure from the show’s origin, season 3 represented its complete neglect of the storyline that wowed audiences in season 1. Western world Season 3’s stark contrast to its previous runs lies in the narrative setting in a futuristic version of Los Angeles rather than man-made worlds filled with hosts eager to escape to the real world. Season 3 told the story of how characters like Dolores (Wood), Maeve (Newton), Bernard (Wright), and other hosts dealt with living outside of their old theme park prison, which could have served as a compelling sequel to by Westworld overall story if the show hadn’t insisted on throwing its viewers into a loop with each episode.

Western world Season 3’s plot involving Engerraund Serac’s (Vincent Cassel) computer system known as Rehoboam, plus the introduction and convoluted existence of Caleb (Paul), showed that the show was far removed from its original identity. Western world Season 3’s Rotten Tomatoes critics’ score plummeted to 73%, with its audience score also falling to a meager 62%. Unsurprisingly, viewership for season 3 averaged just over 800,000 viewers per episode, a sharp decline from Western world seasons 1 and 2.

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Westworld season 4 got better too late

Westworld Season 4 Trailer Evan Rachel Wood

Western world season 4 cleaned up the convoluted narrative of season 3 and instead introduced one that was rooted in the mystery of a world that isn’t exactly what it seems, although this time, the story took place in a futuristic New York. Thompson’s Charlotte Hale acted as a fascinating and complex villain as Dolores had in previous seasons, while Wood’s new character Christina and the return of Marsden’s Teddy offered another set of intriguing puzzles to solve.

Western world Season 4’s 76% Rotten Tomatoes critics’ approval rating suggests the show has improved since its last outing; however, a rating of just 54% among audiences proves that the show had lost many who once loved it. Although Western world season 4 can reasonably be considered a step up from the messes of seasons 2 and 3, the damage was irreversible. Either Western world season 5 would have continued the possible rise of the show’s death, it never mattered because the show was already dead in the eyes of many.

Why did HBO cancel Westworld before season 5?

Westworld season 5 maeve wild wild west season 1

Although Western world improved storyline from Season 4, the series’ ratings continued to collapse. Averaging roughly 350,000 viewers per episode, Season 4 stands as Westworld’The lowest performing race to date by a significant margin. Additionally, the ratings of Western worldThe season 4 finale of represents an 85% decrease from the show’s season 1 finale. Western worldThe staggeringly poor performance from 2016 to 2020 is probably HBO’s main reason for canceling the series.

It seems that HBO sensibly concluded that Western world he could never regain his stature that he once held near the top of the television world. The show’s steady decline in ratings would never recover enough for HBO to consider a fifth and final season a worthy gamble. It is also crucial to consider Western worldHBO’s high budget as a potential reason for HBO’s decision to pull the plug. As a science fiction program that frequently employs visual effects, Western world season 5 would represent an expensive offer. Each season of the series exceeded a budget of 100 million dollars. Therefore, HBO simply couldn’t justify spending that much on a show that didn’t generate a huge return on investment. General, Western world season 5 will never come to fruition due to its diminishing appeal to television audiences, which exhausted the series’ chances of receiving its planned season 5.

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