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Top 5 Most Subscribed PUBG Mobile YouTubers As of 2022

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Tencent Games and Krafton Inc. teamed up to launch PUBG Mobile on the global mobile market in 2018. Since then, the title has surpassed other games to become one of the most popular action games in the world.

While the developers have continually added more features that attract gamers, credit must also be given to the YouTubers who have consistently produced game-related content for their online audience, increasing the popularity of the game. While some have amassed thousands of subscribers, some have become cult heroes in the gaming community, earning millions of subscribers.

PUBG Mobile YouTubers have a huge fan base all over the world

1) other

Hailing from Iraq, Atro is the most subscribed PUBG Mobile YouTuber in the world. Despite not initially receiving support, Atro rose through the ranks after several of his gameplay videos went viral on the internet.

His amazing sniper skills have caught the attention of numerous viewers who are trying to learn a thing or two from their idol. He is also known for spending large amounts of money on box opening videos, which have garnered millions of views.

  • Total videos uploaded: 1659
  • Total subscriber count: 13 million

2) panda

Tobias “Panda” Näslund has a huge following on YouTube. The Swedish PUBG Mobile YouTuber has demonstrated his assault prowess through his gameplay videos time and time again and is considered one of the best in the world.

Panda is well known for his hilarious reactions and gameplay videos, and even though he doesn’t upload videos as regularly as before, they still get a lot of views from players around the world.

  • Total videos uploaded: 12.1 million
  • Total subscriber count: 1432

3) Levinho

Brahim “Levinho” is considered by many PUBG Mobile experts and critics to be one of the best attackers in the game. Although he doesn’t play competitive matches, his grappling and assault skills have helped him gain a large following in the mobile gaming community.

Levinho can be seen regularly playing alongside his friend Sevou (another popular gaming YouTuber) and winning chicken dinners after completing a large number of kills.

  • Total videos uploaded: 11 million
  • Total subscriber count: 1930

4) Dynamo Games

Aaditya “Dynamo” Sawant may be considered a cult figure in the Indian gaming community, but he also has a huge following outside of the country.

Although he started streaming in 2013, he rose through the ranks in terms of popularity, playing the mobile variant of Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds. The internet sensation has become famous among gamers all over the world due to his crazy sniper skills.

Even today, when you play the Indian variant of the BGMI game, thousands of players flock to your live streams to learn some sniping tips. Dynamo’s popularity helped him become the leader of the crowd-favorite esports clan, Hydra.

  • Total videos uploaded: 1961
  • Total subscriber count: 10 million

5) deadly

Naman “MortaL” Mathur is one of the most popular PUBG Mobile/BGMI YouTubers in the world. MortaL burst onto the scene after gaining millions of views through his tips and tricks videos following the game’s unveiling.

However, some of his gameplay videos highlighting the incredibly intense claws went viral in 2019, making him a worldwide sensation. His growth as a YouTuber was also fueled by his career in esports, where he led Team SouL to multiple championships.

MortaL is also the only PUBG Mobile YouTuber to have been nominated in different categories at the Esports Awards for three consecutive years.

  • Total videos uploaded: 1598
  • Total subscriber count: 7 million

Note: This article reflects the views of the author. Also, PUBG Mobile is banned in India. Players from this country are advised to stay away from the banned title.

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