Aquarius New Moon Ritual January 2023

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The Aquarius New Moon on January 21 contains the energy of new beginnings. It falls to 1 degree of Aquarius, and also brings the beginning of the new lunar year.

All this fresh new energy will feel welcome after the past few months. We will feel like the cobwebs of the past are washed away and refreshed and ready to start a new chapter. Greater clarity is likely to come under this New Moon as well, helping to guide us forward.

With all this strong new beginning energy flowing under this New Moon, we can use it to set intentions and plant seeds for the month ahead. While the magnetic potential of this New Moon will be high to attract things to us, it’s probably best to take a soft and open approach.

There is a ritual to guide you below. You can also get your full Aquarius New Moon 2023 forecast here.

Ritual New Moon Aquarius 2023

Will need:

  • Aura cleansing tool of choice (for example, dry herbal sticks, essential oil sprays, etc.)
  • 3 sticks (found in the garden, or you can also use palo santo)
  • piece of rope
  • Candle
  • 3 strips of paper
  • Pencil
  • Cosmic Oracle Reading 2023


1.) Start by cleansing your aura, followed by your ritual ingredients and setting. As you cleanse your personal aura, feel free to recite the following:

“I release and remove everything that weighs on my being. I release and remove all energy that is no longer mine to carry. My power is now restored. From head to toe, my energy is cleansed. From within and without, my energy radiates pure and true. I’m clean. I am balanced. I radiate harmony.”

As you clear your ritual space and ingredients, feel free to recite the following:

“I clean my space with light and loving energy. Everything that is no longer aligned with my highest good, everything that is stagnant and impure, can now be removed from this space. My space is clean. My space is restored. My space is aligned with the highest vibrations for me.”

2.) Light your candle and place it in front of you. Sit down with your clubs, pen and paper at hand. Place your hand over your heart and take a moment to pause. Breathe here for a moment and thank yourself for everything you have overcome. With your hand on your heart, finish this sentence to yourself- “I’m so proud of you for…”

3.) Next, take your first slip of paper and write down three words that you would like to feel when you wake up each morning. Next, take your strip of paper and wrap it around the first stick.

4.) Take your second strip of paper and write down three words that you would like to feel before going to bed each night. Next, take your strip of paper and wrap it around the second stick.

5.) Take your last strip of paper and write down what you want to manifest or call into your life in the next 6 months. Next, take your strip of paper and wrap it around the third stick.

6.) Take your three sticks and tie them in a bundle using the string so the papers are secure. Hold the pack in your hands and take 10 deep, restorative breaths. Then recite the following:

“I offer my intentions to the earth, the sun, the moon and the stars. I remain open to the many blessings that now come my way. I remain open to the spaces of feeling that I wish to create. I remain open to the guidance the Universe has for me when it comes to manifesting my goals and dreams. I am one with the Universe. All doors are open to me now. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks.”

7.) Place your sticks next to your candle and do your Cosmic Oracle Reading for 2023. Meditate on the messages that arise for you.

8.) Place your bundle of sticks on your altar or in a safe place for three nights, then bury them in the ground. If you can’t do this, it’s okay to remove the papers and leave the sticks out. If you used palo santo, you can burn the sticks for the next 6 months. Blow out the candle when the ritual is complete.

Happy new moon!

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