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Building community is central to Facebook’s mission to bring the world closer together, and while community has found its way into every corner of the app, Groups remain the central place where people go to do more together.

In fact, most people on Facebook are members of at least 15 active groups and more than 100 million groups are joined every day.

Today, we’re hosting the Facebook Community Summit for the sixth year, announcing a series of changes to help people engage more deeply in the things that matter to them, strengthen community culture, and make it easier for admins to manage their groups.

New ways to engage more deeply with their communities

As people visit Facebook to discover content and communities, we’ve added more ways to connect through shared interests.

  • Reels in Groups allows you to express your voice in your communities through creative and immersive videos. With Reels now in Groups, community members can share information, tell stories, and connect on a deeper level. Imagine people in a makeup-obsessed group sharing their latest techniques and beauty finds with other members. Admins and group members can also add creative elements like audio, text overlays, and filters on top of their videos before sharing to bring their stories to life.
  • The ability to share a public Facebook event for your community on your Instagram story. Whether you’re a group admin hosting a gathering to celebrate a community milestone, or a group member sharing your passion with friends, this feature can help you showcase your community more broadly.
  • we are testing updates to your group profile to make it easier to foster community relationships and connect with other members. With these new updates you will be able to:
    • Personalize the information in your About Me section to highlight the information you want to share with your community. This can help both admins and members learn more about each other and create content that better reflects the interests of the group.
    • Add a flag to your profile if you are open to receiving messages. This can help other like-minded members know that you are willing to connect over shared interests.

At the beginning of this year, we announce that administrators can start creating channels as a way to connect with their groups in smaller, more informal settings. For example, community talks, which enables people to connect in real time on the topics that matter to them through text, audio and video, is now available in more than 140 countries around the world. Black Girls Culinary, a Facebook group where people share their latest recipes, uses Community Chats to create chat channels for a topic like Meatless Mondays and audio channels to talk through cooking tips in real time. they can also seamlessly add a event chat to group events, allowing people to discuss events before, during, and after they take place. We are also testing the ability for group admins and moderators to create read only chat to send one-way communications to all your members without having to actively maintain or respond to messages in chat, so they can stay up to date on important group information. Administrators and moderators can also use a chat for admins only for collaboration on the spot.

Images showing updates to the About Me section in a group profile.

Images showing the user interface for Community Chats.

Experiences selected by administrators to build culture

Admins have new tools to help them effectively manage and drive their group culture in engaging, helpful, and responsible ways:

  • Community Contributions: We’re testing a new way for admins to highlight top contributing members, who can Earn points by taking an active role with a set of responsibilities in the community or by receiving reactions and comments on posts. For example, Gaming communities can identify helpful tips that other members share about new features, games, and characters. By accumulating points, top contributing members earn badges to appear on their group profiles, making it easier for admins to select members for roles.
    • Socializer: We’re testing a new role for admins to recognize active members who help others feel welcome, connected, and motivated to contribute to a community. For example, Socializers on Music festival communities can be recognized for sharing their festival experiences and encouraging others to do the same by sharing photos and videos.
  • Administrative assistant: We share new updates about this feature, which helps admins moderate their groups efficiently by automatically taking action based on specific criteria they set:
    • New treatments for false information: To help ensure that content is more trustworthy for the community at large, group administrators can automatically move posts that contain information classified as false by third-party fact-checkers (whether posts are identified as containing false information before or after posting to your group) to pending posts so admins can review posts before deleting them. Learn more about our third-party data verification program here.
    • Daily summary: Group admins can easily review how Admin Assist helps them manage their community with a new daily summary of actions taken in a community based on criteria set by admins.
  • Flagged by Facebook: As we shared in our recent Community Standards Application ReportWe are testing an extension within Flagged by Facebook that gives some eligible group admins the ability to use additional context and allow certain content that could otherwise be flagged for removal as bullying and harassment. We use a variety of criteria to define a group’s eligibility for this feature, including that the group admin must not have been the admin of a group we’ve previously removed. Through this test, an administrator of a group of fish tank enthusiasts could allow a flagged comment calling a fish “oily”, which was not intended to be offensive. We still require groups to follow our policies and will remove infringing content that is reported to us.

The user interface for community contributions on Facebook.

An image of a Top Contributor badge on Facebook.

The Admin Assist UI within a Facebook group.

The user interface of Flagged By Facebook.

The Facebook Flagged user interface for a group admin.

Community Accelerator Program

the 2022 Community Accelerator Program Provides Community Leaders with Four Months of Training, Mentoring, and Funding to help them deepen the impact of their community through Meta technologies. Today we are announcing this year’s selected participants of all the world.

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