411MANIA | Jeremy’s review on AEW Rampage 10.21.22

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Hello AEW fans! It’s Friday night and you know what that means: It’s time for AEW Rampage! I’m Jeremy Thomas, filling in for Lee Sanders tonight. We’ve got a pretty decent show tonight on paper, as Orange Cassidy defends the AEW All-Atlantic Title against RUSH and Preston Vance, while The Acclaimed puts up the World Tag Team Titles against Varsity Athletes with “Scissor Me, Daddy” also on play. . Also, Willow Nightengale faced Penelope Ford and HOOK defends the FTW Championship against Ari Daivari. Sounds like a fun show, so let’s jump right in.

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* We’re live in Jacksonville!

* Max Castor references Tuesday’s ratings, Kanye West and more in his rap. Sterling then interrupts Bowens and talks about how he has the trademark to make scissors and gives the capture phase as The Acclaimed attack.

The Cheered Ones get rid of the Varsity Athletes to start, but Sterling distracts them and Nese and Woods return the favor, then cut with scissors. Cheered in the ring and we have a great fight, Caster leaves Nese and then relieves him. Repeated elbows in the corner, Bowes whips Woods into Caster for a Powerslam. Irish whip, Caster’s backdrop to Woods and now an art bar, reversed by Woods and referred back again, Woods catches Caster in the ropes and pulls him over the top rope so he falls outside.

Billy Gunn helps Castor up and Woods confronts him but jumps into the ring. Gunn then trips Woods into the referee on his back, but the athletes get the referee’s attention and he has been ejected. Woods knocks Bowens off the apron and Nese double-teams with Caster until Woods hits a neckbreaker and we go PIP.

We return when Caster takes Woods out with a big clothesline, and both men are down. Nese enters and Bowens hits, taking it to both Nese and Woods. Combination of elbows to Woods, then a couple of kicks to Nese and a jumprfog legdrop, he covers but Woods breaks it. Woods with a GTS to Bowens, Nese tags Woods and Bowens sent to the corner. Woods with a charging forrarm, then Nese comes in and hits Nese. Woods knee, Nese comes in, finishes and covers, but Caster tackles Woods (sort of) at the pin.

The four men down now, Caster is up and in high spirits. He stings Woods and hits a DVD, Nese kicks Caster, Bowens throws Nese but hits Caster. Sunset jumps into the ring, Bowens steps forward and kicks Nese, takes out Woods and hits Arrival and Caster with the mic drop for three.

Winner: The Acclaimed (8:03)
Classification: ** 1/2
Thoughts: Not bad, but he’s a little more careless than any of these guys usually are. It wasn’t a horrible game, but it was far from the best.

Sterling refuses to relinquish the trademark despite the stipulation, and Billy Gunn brings him into the ring. The Acclaimed repeatedly stomps on Sterling, and now Caster and Gunn hold him down from the ropes. Gunn breaks the trademark and scissor. That’s not how trademarks work.

* Jade is backstage with Tony Schiavone and Leila will be fighting Willow instead of Penelope as she is injured. Jade says that she is a woman of her word and is saving the show…again. She demands a chance to get in the ring to get in the ring with Nyla and win the title back from her, and Schiavone says it will happen.

* Alex Marvez is backstage with Eddie Kingston, Ortiz and the Lucha Bros. Ortiz says Eddie is losing his temper, and the Lucha Bros say he’s a superstar and they don’t want him to lose his job. PAC enters and tells them to listen to them, teasing him a bit before leaving.

*Before their match, Ari grabs a mic and tells HOOK that he understands HOOK didn’t want a check, but maybe he likes cash, so he’s giving it one more chance: HOOK throws the money at ring and the match begins. .

Suplex by HOOK to start, but Ari takes him out of the ring. HOOK blocks a shot off the railing, Daivari escapes inside and HOOK is distracted long enough for Ari to attack. He gets HOOK on the ropes and cuts him off before kicking him in the head. The ref backs him off and the butler hits HOOK.

Back in the ring, Daivari yells at HOOK and punches him, but HOOK blocks him and goes wild with body shots. He steps back and as he walks in, Ari hits a kick. But HOOK sweeps his legs and applies a suplex. The butler distracts again, Daivari attacks and Hook stops him, gets out of the ropes and takes out the butler! Daivari with a superkick that, of course, we will say that he hit. But HOOK is back in control, blocks Redrum and that’s it.

Winner: HOOK (2:48)
Classification: N/A
Thoughts: RIP Ari Daivari.

HOOK puts the butler to sleep afterwards.

* Lexi Nair is with Ethan Page, Stokely and Matt Hardy. Matt asks what he is doing here and where is Private Party; PP was sent to Stokely School to get Matt Hardy’s scent off, while Matt has a match at AEW Dark: Elevation. Matt responds by rapping.

Circle to start and Leila dodges a block. They try again, Leila dodges from her, but then they grab her around the waist and pull her to the mat. Returning to her feet, Leila puts Willow in the corner and her boot chokes her, Willow pushes the boot away. Irish whip, Willow does a cartwheel and Leila comes off the ropes only to be dropped by a shoulder tackle from her.

Leila to the outside and pins Willow, but back into the ring and Willow is back in control. Willow’s bodyslam, Leila leaves the ring and Willow chases after her. On her way back, Kiera grabs her boot, falls to the ground, and Kiera super kicks her as we go to the PIP break.

We return to Willow crawling over to a fallen Leila and picking her up. Shots to the head, blow to the cornerback and splash. Willow throws Gray to the mat, taking him away and applying a spinebuster for two.

Willow puts Leila on her shoulders, but Gray escapes and applies a Russian Legsweep to her. Leila attacks Willow in the corner, but she knocks her down. Keira with the distraction, Leila with a rollup. Spin kick and Doctor Bomba for three.

Winner: Willow Nightingale (7:50)
Classification: ** 1/2
Thoughts: This was good. Again, some awkward moments but overall very easy to watch.

Tony is in the ring to interview Willow, who is now officially an All Elite. Willow is excited and hugs Schiavone, but here comes Jade! She comes to the ring with a chair and Willow walks out of the ring. Jade sits in the ring to hold the show hostage and gets a microphone.

Jade says that she is a classy woman and not a bum thief, she is giving Nyla 10 seconds to get the title. She counts down and Nyla and company are on the tron ​​in a car. Nyla says that she missed Jacksonville too much. Apparently it’s Jade’s car, so they stole that too and left. Jade says that she won’t leave the ring until she retrieves the belt from her as the Baddies run away. Security comes in and Jade starts setting them up before she finally leaves.

* We got a replay of yesterday’s video where the RUSH vs. Vance became a triple threat with Orange Cassidy for the AEW All-Atlantic Title. Tony Khan was there in the original video having a beer and he said “Save it”. If you don’t think I got a screenshot of Tony Khan casually holding a beer in his hand for the 411 image header gallery, you don’t know me very well.

* Orange Cassidy tries to take over Mark Henry’s interview job, but Henry cuts him off, asking why he’s getting into these guys’ business and putting his title on the line. “Um, I don’t know.” Vance and RUSH talk shit too. Orange says “Well, it seems like enough has been said” and Henry squashes him so HE can say his catchphrase.

Vance and RUSH go right at each other as Cassidy cools off. They notice this and Cassidy does the pocket thing for some shin kicks, but RUSH cuts through the supershikick and pins Vance. Cassidy knocks him down and then dives into Vance; he climbs to the top and jumps but RUNS with a shot at him and then a charge pun.

RUSH hits Vance as he tries to get into the ring and comes out, hitting Vance around the ringside area. RUSH grabs Cassidy and throws him against the railing. He goes back to Vance and knocks him to the ground, then grabs the electrical cable from under the ring and whips Vance with it. Vance now takes chokes on the ringside floor for a moment. He shows off to the crowd and then walks over to find Cassidy: he hits him with a punch and a kick to the chest. Jose brings the cable and RUSH hits the knee, then chokes Orange with it.

RUSH goes back to Vance, cuts him down and rolls him in the ring, enters but Vance knocks him down several times. Back outside and Vance hits RUSH several times, Cassidy launches herself out of the ring but Vance and RUSH catch her for a chokeslam against the table. And we go to the PIP pause.

He returns from PIP’s break when RUSH comes off the ropes but is run through by Vance. Cassidy goes for the Orange Punch but Vance catches him in a full nelson. Cassidy goes for the pockets, gets picked up and hits a snap jaw. Cassidy eliminates RUSH and they catch him with a big boot – Cassidy with a Beach Break for two, but José breaks it. Cassdy backs up and DANHAUSEN IS IN THE RING! He curses Jose with a cheap shot: RUSH shoves Danhausen into Cassidy and then pins Danhausen in the jaw. Cassidy charges at RUSH and collides belly to belly with the turnbuckles.

Vance comes in now, hits a spinning bomb and a spinebuster on RUSH! He grabs Cassidy and hits her with a Wheelbarow Suplex and a Discus lariat for two, but RUSH breaks it! Vance is awake now, he grabs RUSH and hits him with his forearm, charges into the corner and hits RUSH. RUSH flips him over and tries to rip off his mask, flips him over and jumps to step on Vance’s head. RUSH turns around: ORANGE PUNCH! Cassidy goes for a Beach Break, Vance steps forward but Cassidy sits down for three.

Winner: Cassidy Orange (11:47)
Classification: ***
Thoughts: Nobody thought that Orange was losing the title here, but it was a very decent match. Got a bit repetitive but otherwise they delivered here.

Vance stares with RUSH on the ramp before grabbing -1 and exiting out the back. RUSH angrily points at Cassidy and Danhausen, who wave him off and pose for the crowd.

We end with a tribute to Brian Muster, who passed away yesterday.

And with that, we’re done for the night.

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