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An unprecedented leak sets the stage for the next three years of the Google Pixel

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Google has always had quite a leaky ship, which is probably why we took a look at products like the Google Pixel tablet and the Google Pixel 7 series at Google I/O… long before the launch of either device. However, an unprecedented leak (shared by android authority) has set the stage for the next three years of Google Pixel devices. While it’s not all concrete, it’s a pretty detailed roadmap from 2023 to 2025.

In the leak, we learned not only about the potential fate of the Pixel “a” series, but also about the company’s future foldable and foldable devices. It’s a massive leak, and some of it has to be taken with a grain of salt as a result. Roadmaps like these that are leaked to the public are rare, as it is often the case that single year plans are shared among very few people, let alone for Three years.

2023: More of the same

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First of all, Google’s 2023 is expected to start off strong when it comes to the Pixel series. At Google I/O in April or May, the company is supposed to launch not only the Pixel 7a (codenamed “lynx”) but also the Pixel Fold (codenamed “felix”). The latest “a” devices didn’t launch at Google I/O, but the Pixel 3a did launch at I/O. After that, the company’s next “a” devices came out during the pandemic, delaying device launches across the board.

Pricing information was provided for both devices, with the Pixel 7a still expected to launch at $449 (like the Pixel 6a) and the Pixel Fold apparently launching at the previously announced price of $1,799.

As for later in the year, his source claimed that the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro will arrive without too many differences from the Pixel 7 series. The Pixel 8, codenamed “shiba,” will be scaled down a bit, but the Pixel 8 Pro, codenamed “husky,” will have the same screen and measurements as the Pixel 7 Pro. As for what will presumably be marketed as the Tensor G3, its codename is “zima.”

Google’s 2023 looks a lot like 2022, albeit with the Google Pixel Fold set to arrive and the Google Pixel Tablet on the way too. While rumors have suggested a Pixel Tablet Pro could be coming, the source didn’t talk about the Pixel Tablet or a Pixel Tablet Pro at all with android authority.

2024: Changing the formula

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Apparently, Google is playing around with the “a” series of devices, and the Google Pixel 8a may end up being the last annual “a” device. The company is considering moving to a biennial release, similar to what Apple does with the iPhone SE series. Its codename is apparently “akita”, and its price is expected to increase to $499.

The source also mentioned that the Google Pixel 8a may not even happen, and it is completely dependent on the sales of the Google Pixel 7a. As a result, it’s hard to say whether or not we’ll definitely see it. It could well be the case that a Pixel 8a never sees the light of day.

Moving further into the year, the Google Pixel 9 series is said to be going for a bit of a twist. The source claims that there will be Three devices, with what can essentially be described as the Google Pixel 9, Google Pixel 9 Pro, and Google Pixel 9 Pro Max. The largest device, codenamed “komodo,” would have a screen that is around 6.7 inches. The middle device, codenamed “alligator,” would be around 6.3 inches with more or less the same features as the top-end model. No codename was given for the regular Pixel 9, but it’s expected to take a similar strategy to what we’re seeing now and drop some features related to the Pro model.

The source claims that this is definitely happening because Google wants to mimic Apple’s sizing strategy, but that price, name, and availability are up in the air right now. These three devices are expected to use what is believed to be the Tensor G4, codenamed “round”.

There is also a plan for a follow-up foldable in 2024, but the plans are still unclear. The company wants to wait and see what happens with the Pixel Fold that it will launch in 2023 before committing to anything concrete.

2025: A possible Galaxy Z Flip-style device


While the roadmap in 2025 will be heavily influenced by how the company performs in 2023 and 2024, it is toying with the idea of ​​launching a Galaxy Z Flip-style device alongside three non-foldable devices. Time android authority didn’t mention it, we hope the Pixel 9a has had its fate decided by then.

The flip-style folding device isn’t confirmed, and if the company doesn’t accept it, it’ll still want to release four Google Pixel devices (presumably the Google Pixel 10 series). There will likely be a small non-Pro model, a larger non-Pro model, and then a small and larger Pro model. This is exactly what Apple does with its iPhones.

How important is this leak?

While there are elements of this roadmap to be expected, it’s interesting to see Google pursuing the iPhone model of potentially releasing four devices in the same series. Also, it’s strange to see a Flip-style device take so long to release, considering the higher price they have. However, what intrigues me the most is the fate of the “a” series, as the company seems to be pondering its future fate.

Even though Google has been such a leaky ship in the past, it’s crazy to see a leak with so many codenames so far in advance. Companies often keep plans like this under lock and key, especially plans that are two years away. We’re excited to see what Google comes up with next, and this is all pretty exciting.

Fountain: android authority

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