Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson as Black Adam

Black Adam: Armed with tequila and a big ego, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson landed his own offer for DC

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Dwayne Johnson had a multi-year plan for Black Adam. Box office flops, a big head, and a tequila bar stopped The Rock before it even started.

dwayne johnson, better known as ‘The Rock,’ certainly doesn’t share his on-screen persona’s power of hypnosis. Rather, it seems like Johnson has a different superpower: acting like a real jerk on a power trip. Johnson had his eye on black adam for years before the movie came to fruition, and I was sure that black adam it would sweep the cinematic universe by storm. “I think black adam is the most powerful and unstoppable force on this planet,” Johnson said in an interview.

Johnson’s big claims apparently fell short of achieving the only thing that mattered, box office sales. Opened in October last year, black adam it grossed a meager $391 million. Considering its $195 million budget, $40 million spent on reshoots, and expected returns for its category, $391 million is just a little more than peanuts. Now, hot on the heels of black adamVariety’s not-so-epic pitch reports that Johnson had a much bigger plan for DC than his own. black adam movie, but Johnson may have ruined those plans early by letting his ego get the best of him.


Sources confirmed that Johnson, along with black adam producer Hiram Garcia, who is also Johnson’s former brother-in-law, and Beau Flynn, had a low-key meeting with Warner Bros. CEO David Zaslav to directly present their multi-year vision for black adam. The plan would cast Henry Cavill as Superman, whose manager at the time was Johnson’s ex-wife, culminating in Black Adam vs. Superman. Although the release took place during a time of internal change within DC and Warner Bros., it still ruffled the feathers. A source said: “Dwayne overlooked everyone, which didn’t sit well with him.”

Johnson’s plan to black adam saw a glimmer of hope when Warner Bros. film co-directors Michael De Luca and Pam Abdy approved a Cavill cameo in black adam, but the box office numbers quickly dashed any hopes of several years. Cavill has since dissolved his managerial relationship with Johnson’s ex-wife, Danny Garcia. Although, sources say that their split was not related to the DC fiasco and that they are in a relationship. No one can blame Johnson for pushing his own plans for black adam in the middle of the DC power vacuum, though he could have used a bit more tact in his approach. Along with the news of Johnson’s failed DC plan, however, came other reports about the actor’s alleged hotshot status on black adam.

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Dwayne Johnson insisted that a tequila bar put on his own brand of tequila

Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam
Warner Bros.

Prior to the botched release of Black Adam, reports say that Johnson’s absurd demands escalated and were a nuisance to the studio. Johnson lobbied for a production credit in dc League Of Super Pets which was released in July 2022, but the actor did very little to promote the film.

With Johnson and Warner Bros.’ relationship already on thin ice, Johnson made the demand of him most memorably hilarious and insisted on a tequila bar featuring ‘The Rock’s tequila brand, Teremana, at the black adam premiere. Yes indeed, black adam it’s a PG-13 movie, which adds to the absurdity of the claim. Warner Bros. ultimately denied this latter request, saying it would be inappropriate considering the film’s teen rating.

Perhaps Warner Bros. would have politely looked the other way at Johnson’s cocky demeanor. black adam been the smash hit Johnson planned, but as it stands, who’s to say? A source says: “Their demands on him increased and the benefits just weren’t there.” But bad blood doesn’t usually stay bad for long in Hollywood. If Will Smith can come back from “slapgate,” then The Rock doesn’t have to scale too much.

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