Keep your gut happy with these high-fiber foods

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Word on the street is that fiber is pretty important when it comes to gut (and overall) health. It seems the general public is taking notice, as Google searches for plant fiber foods have increased by 600% in the past week.

What are foods with vegetable fiber?

Plant fiber foods are essentially plant-based foods like fruits, vegetables, and legumes that are high in fiber. simple. And it is these treats that apparently we should all eat more of.

Why is fiber so important?

Marilia Chamon, a registered nutritional therapist and gut health specialist, says that fiber is essential for our gut health. “It keeps you regular and increases beneficial gut bacteria, promoting abundance and diversity,” she says. Having lots of different friendly bacteria in your gut is great for digestion and overall health.

Increasing the vegetable content in your meals is key to a happy gut

Parker Feierbach

Fiber is so important to our bodies that the NHS even recommended that most adults should increase their intake to 30g per day (according to their website, most of us only eat around 20g per day at the moment). . This will help us feel fuller after meals and will aid good digestion. The NHS also says that having a diet high in fiber is associated with a lower risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and bowel cancer. Basically, fiber is your friend.

Okay, so how can I eat more fiber?

But how can we inject a fiber boost into our diets? Well, we’ve got a ton of ideas using some of the tastiest recipes out there.


You’ve probably been spreading avocados on toast for years, but did you know that the green fruit is very high in fiber? Along with those beautiful, health-filling fats, this makes avocado a great choice for boosting your daily fiber intake. We’re obsessed with this easy Avocado Chicken Salad for office lunches or a light dinner.


Lentils have recently undergone a rebrand and they are COOL. You have many types to choose from: red lentils for quick meals, puy lentils for salads, or brown lentils for stews and soups. Plus, they’re high in fiber and can be a tasty alternative to meat like in this dreamy lentil lasagna.


Beans with toast are good for the intestine, yes! Black beans in particular are very high in fiber and can make for very tasty dishes like these black bean burgers (which also contain oats, another source of fiber) with all the usual burger trimmings.

black bean burger

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Start your day on a high-fiber note with oats. Classic porridge with fun toppings is always a great option, but for a weekend you can try oatmeal pancakes with apples and bacon. Oatmeal is also a great way to stay full in the morning until lunch.

garbanzo beans

Whether they’re canned, jarred, or dried, chickpeas are your friend when it comes to injecting more fiber into your diet. Then you can eat just about anything: bolognese, salads, pan bakes, stews, and curries like this simple sweet potato and chickpea curry. We recommend upping your chip n dip quota with some hummus too…

Sweet potato

Any type of potato with the skin on is an excellent source of fiber, but sweet potatoes are very good for you. Switch up your jackets with this BBQ Chicken with Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes, bake up a batch of sweet potato fries or just grill them.

best sweet potato fries

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Broccoli’s reputation as boring is over. In fact, it’s very exciting and it’s a total savior for your gut. It’s mega versatile and can be steamed, grilled, and even cooked in a deep fryer. One of our favorite ways to eat it for a healthy dinner is in this Broccoli Pesto Chicken and Rice.


Who knew these beautiful tart berries could be so important to gut health? Mix a handful into your morning smoothie (this berry coconut smoothie tastes like a vacation in a glass), top your granola bowl, or even mix them into salads for a hit of fruity fiber.


Yes, really! Your favorite movie snack (although it’s probably not covered in butter, sorry folks) is a great source of fiber. The best part? It’s easy to do in our new favorite kitchen appliance, the deep fryer.




Dried fruits like dates, prunes, and figs are also high in fiber! Plus, they make a great snack between meals or even a sweet treat. If you want a little indulgence in your fiber meal plan, these Peanut Butter Stuffed Dates would be our pick.

Integral rice

While brown rice may not sound very exciting, it’s actually delicious and has loads of delicious nutty flavors that will add something to any rice dish you’re cooking. Whole grain versions of things like rice, pasta, and couscous are great sources of fiber, and are great to use in things like Bhudda Bowls alongside other high-fiber foods like avocados, broccoli, and sweet potatoes.


You know what they say, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away…” Turns out that’s half true because apples are a fabulous source of fiber, as well as being crunchy and delicious. You can slice them into salads, simmer them in casseroles, or even make them into Apple Crisps.

lunch box ideas

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It’s no secret that snacking on nuts is good for you—all those delicious healthy fats taste great, too. But they are also high in fiber, especially nuts like almonds and pistachios. The next time you’re looking for a snack to satisfy those sweet and salty cravings, give these sweet and spicy nuts a try.


Barley is another grain that is excellent for the intestine. It’s very filling and makes a great replacement for arborio rice when making a risotto or putting it into soups to give the carbs some action. A great recipe for a comfort food involving our new friend barley is this pearl barley risotto with ham and fresh herbs. yum.

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