Tesla FSD Beta actually does stop for kids

Tesla owner tests Autopilot FSD with real child

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Turns out Tesla’s FSD bet actually it does stop for children and pedestrians as demonstrated in a video with a mannequin and an actual child. Recently, Dawn Project founder Dan O’Dowd, who is also CEO of Green Hills Software, which makes automated driving systems, claimed that Tesla’s FSD Beta didn’t stop at a child-sized mannequin. This led to a major media firestorm against Tesla and his life-saving technology.

Tesla owner and FSD Beta Tester, @WholeMarsBlog asked if there was anyone in the Bay Area with a child who could run in front of their car while FSD Beta was on. However, many took it as a joke. the edge posted an open letter to @WholeMarsBlog asking him not to do this.

It turned out that someone in the Bay Area was willing to let his son put Tesla’s FSD Beta to the test. And it should be noted that the person who allowed this was the driver during the test.

In a Twitter DM, @WholeMarsBlog told me:

“Our tests showed that the Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta has no problem detecting pedestrians of all ages. As long as the driver pays attention, which the system guarantees, there is no risk to pedestrians, even if the software does not detect them.”

“This is driver assistance and it is not expected to be perfect. It makes me sick that Dan O’Dowd pushes damaging misinformation for financial gain. He should be criminally charged for false advertising, along with the stations that ran the ads for him. I don’t have millions to spend on ads like Dan, so please share the video on social media so everyone who saw Dan’s ad can see our test too.”

Tesla FSD Beta does not hit the dummy or the child.

In a series of tests involving a costumed child-sized mannequin and then a child, Tesla’s Beta FSD proves not to work as O’Dowd claimed it would.

During the first test, the dummy was standing in the middle of the street and the car wouldn’t move once FSD Beta was turned on. After moving the mannequin further down the road, the group confronted FSD Beta and slowly began to move forward.

Once he got close to the mannequin, he slowed down and came to a complete stop. @WholeMarsBlog showed a detailed look at the screen showing that Tesla’s FSD Beta detected a pedestrian on the street. It should be noted that, unlike the O’Dowd video, there were no cones on either side of the vehicle to prevent the car from moving around the mannequin.

In the next test, they moved the dummy a bit to the right. The vehicle not only recognized that there was a pedestrian in the street, but easily and safely navigated around them.

Tesla FSD Beta test with people

One of the group members, Alvey, participated in the next series of tests. Alvey stopped in the middle of the street and FSD Beta immediately recognized Alvey as a pedestrian and came to a complete stop at a safe distance. Alvey then walks in front of the car as he drives, and the car stops immediately.

At the next test, Tad Park, the CEO of Volt Equity took the driver’s seat. Tad said that he trusted the system enough and that he had tried FSD Beta before.

“I would trust the life of my children and I am very sure that it will detect my children. And then I also have control of the vehicle, so I can brake at any time.”

Tesla’s Beta FSD doesn’t just detect Tad’s son, it stops for him. In the next test, Tad’s son crossed the road in front of the moving vehicle. Again, FSD Beta recognized what was happening and reacted accordingly. He slowed down and @WholeMarsBlog noted that he waited for him to cross then continued on.

Try to run over the mannequin at higher speed

The next test was for them to make the mannequin pass faster. They moved it enough to lose sight of it, but Tesla Vision still detected it. It accelerated to 40 miles per hour, but instead of hitting the dummy, FSD Beta slowed down and moved to the right.

“It’s not like the commercials you see on TV.”

The video refutes the claim that the Tesla FSD Beta will hit children and will do so repeatedly. You can see it below.

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Tesla’s Beta FSD Actually Stops For Kids

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