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10 reasons why you may want to consider buying a Tesla Model Y

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Tesla has conquered the automotive world. An electrical storm, so to speak. He seems determined to become the benchmark brand for electric vehicles. Its range of vehicles offers amazing next-level technologies combined with impressive usability. The cars of tomorrow are apparently available today.

From ultra-fast sedans like the Tesla Model S to the bold Tesla Model X Plaid sport utility vehicle. Tesla It has an EV with which to tempt any buyer. Nestled at a sweet spot in the range is the Tesla Model Y. A car that offers the best of both motoring worlds.

a compact off road 2022, the Tesla Model Y offers class-leading performance while maintaining practicality and appeal for the daily driver. Loaded with all the advantages that Tesla has become famous for. Here are 10 reasons why you might want to consider buying a Tesla Model Y.

10/10 A Tesla Model Y is bland but effective

The exterior of the Tesla Model Y can never be considered exciting. Its design is simple and has a purpose: to reduce drag so that Model Y can achieve greater autonomy. It works well. Cutting the air with maximum efficiency. It seems pretty bland.

While some automakers are all about spoilers and vents, Tesla turns its back on such frivolities. If they don’t have a beneficial purpose, then there is no need for them. The result is a clean looking exterior. It may look boring, but it’s a new way to style for savings.

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9/10 The Tesla Model Y is very spacious

The Tesla Model Y seats five adults comfortably. The legroom for passengers on offer is excellent. The driver occupies a high position obtaining an excellent view of the road. It is a spacious and bright cabin. One that never feels boxed in, cramped, or out of storage space.

As a cargo carrier, the Tesla Model Y can carry 971 liters of luggage with the rear seats up. Drop them and this expands to 2100 litres. That’s a brilliant loading area. It is also mostly flat and very easy to access through the rear door, a feature that offers great versatility to the range.

8/10 The Tesla Model Y has universal appeal

The clever Tesla Model Y covers a lot of bases. It’s a roomy family car, one with plenty of trunk space. As a road trip vehicle, it offers plenty of in-car entertainment. Covering long distances is also a pleasure, as the ride on offer is comfortable and wonderfully quiet.

As an executive machine, the Tesla Model Y is impressive. There are enough gadgets on board to amaze even the most hardened technophobe. It also acts as a surprisingly effective performance car, delivering impressive acceleration and excellent road holding.

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7/10 The Tesla Model Y offers the future today

Electric vehicles are the future of motorsports. Tesla has proven it and has packaged the future into attractive products available today. Twenty years ago, the very idea of ​​having this level of technology in a car would have been ridiculous. But Tesla has done it.

From fast-charging batteries to autonomous driving. Tesla pours his magic on his vehicles. Model Y is no exception. It has a wide variety of technological innovations that other manufacturers simply cannot offer. It is the best EV SUV in its field hands down.

6/10 A Tesla Model Y is a luxury product

At first glance, a Tesla Model Y may seem a bit empty or bland, but this is the level of sophistication that Tesla operates with. You’ve eliminated the need for a cluttered workspace. The minimalist approach enhances the feeling of quality. This is cutting edge design at its finest.

Everything feels perfect. From the weight of the doors to the speed of the central control screen. Everything exudes quality. Once driven, getting back into any other car feels like a real step backwards; not just in time, but in the overall driving experience.

5/10 A Tesla Model Y is expensive, but it’s worth it

Excellence is not cheap. Bringing a Tesla Model Y to the gate will require $64,990. That’s for the entry level model. Its main competitor, the Mustang Mach-E, can be purchased cheaper. But, that doesn’t mean it’s the best car. It has more style but less substance.

Going up a level, a Tesla Model Y becomes expensive. The blazingly fast Performance Edition can cost upwards of $80,000. There are plenty of other SUVs to buy for that, but none have the cache of what’s on offer inside the Tesla Model Y.

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4/10 The Tesla Model Y is versatile

The Tesla Model Y proudly wears its SUV tag. It may seem like it doesn’t fit into the usual realms of what an SUV would offer, but it delivers. It is tall, with a lot of space and very comfortable. It is perfect for transporting people and things. Whether inside or outside the city.

When equipped with the dual-motor setup, it also makes for a half-decent off-road tool. Put on the right tires and the Tesla Model Y will do its best to tackle a rough trail or venture off-road. It may not come with genuine backwoods credentials. But there is nothing wrong with trying.

3/10 The Tesla Model Y is a lot of fun

It is on the asphalt where the Tesla Model Y does its best work. The basic rear-wheel drive version can hit 60 mph in 6.6 seconds. It handles beautifully and has a fun element built into the chassis. Sharp turn also for hunting sharp tips at high speed.

Those looking for more speed can opt for the dual-motor setup. This AWD version hits 60 mph in 4.8 seconds. The added four-wheel drive gives you better road holding. while also presenting itself as a great all-weather tool. Rain or snow, Model Y AWD can handle it.

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2/10 The Tesla Model Y has a lot of range

The lack of overall driving range is one of the biggest fears faced by those looking to switch to an EV. The first electric cars could barely cover 100 miles. Things have improved considerably. Tesla is at the forefront of these innovations, giving the Model Y a useful range of miles.

Depending on the version, the autonomy grows from 283 to 531 miles. And thanks to a large network of charging stations, recharging is never a worry. The Tesla Model Y can be charged via a supercharger to earn 200 miles in as little as 15 minutes. So no range anxiety.

1/10 Tesla Model Y performance is ballistic

Sitting at the top of the spec tree is the Performance model. A Tesla Model Y that will put supercars to shame. This is an electric SUV that will hit 60 mph in 3.5 seconds. That’s faster than many Italian-badged exotics. One with a decent sized trunk and five seats.

Even the fastest Ford Mustang Mach-E GT can’t compete with the performance on offer. In fact, within the SUV world in general, there is little that can beat a Tesla Model Y Performance model. Fast, comfortable and practical: the Model Y has it all.

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