Tacx Neo Bike Plus smart bike offers refined ergonomics and more virtual drivetrain options

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Tacx has announced the Neo Bike Plus indoor bike, an updated version of the Neo Bike Smart.

The Tacx Neo Bike Plus retains many of the core specifications and features of the Neo Bike Smart, but offers refinements to the virtual drivetrain and shifters, as well as an updated system for setting your position on the bike.

The Tacx Neo Bike Plus costs £3499.99 / €3999.99 / $3999.99, an increase in RRP of over 50 per cent in the UK and EU compared to the original Neo Bike Smart (£2299 .99 / €2,599.99 / £3,199.99).

This puts its price in line with one of its main competitors, the Wahoo Kickr Bike V2.

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The Tacx Neo Bike Plus retains the same basic form factor as its predecessor.

The Tacx Neo Bike Plus addresses some of the key criticisms of its predecessor, namely that it was cumbersome to set up and that the integrated virtual brake and shift levers left a lot to be desired.

With Neo Bike Plus, the shifters have been revised for improved ergonomics, and shifts can now be programmed to mimic popular road bike groupsets from Shimano, SRAM or Campagnolo via the Tacx Utility app for iOS and Android .

The virtual shifters have been revised for improved ergonomics and to more closely match those of popular road bike groupsets.

The virtual transmission otherwise remains unchanged, with the same virtual steering wheel system seen on the Tacx Neo 2T Smart, one of the best smart trainers available.

This brings with it a maximum output power of 2200 watts, a maximum simulated gradient of 25 percent, and a power meter accuracy rating of +/- 1 percent.

The Tacx Neo Bike Plus retains many of the features of the original Neo Bike Smart, including the ability to simulate different virtual surfaces.

When connected to an external power source, the Tacx Neo Bike Plus can also simulate accelerations felt on virtual descents and replicate different surfaces such as cobblestones and gravel.

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Updated adjustment handles are designed to make tailoring the bike to suit different riders an easier process.

As before, the saddle and handlebar positions are fully adjustable, but Tacx says they’ve added a millimeter scale to improve setup precision.

Updated handles have also been added to each adjustable component, which should streamline the process of quickly adapting the bike to suit different riders.

Tacx has also updated the bike’s adjustable cranks, ditching the old system of inserts and washers (which our tester said were “difficult to install”). It has moved to a design more akin to that found on the Wahoo Kickr Bike and its recently announced successor, the Wahoo Kickr Bike V2.

This sees a larger crankset with threaded holes for five discrete crank lengths (versus three on the Neo Bike Smart), from 165 to 175mm (in 2.5mm increments).

Your favorite road or mountain bike pedals thread into the desired hole just like any other bicycle crankset.

The new, simplified crankset offers five different crank length options, with no inserts or washers to handle it.

Tacx Neo Bike Plus specifications, availability and prices

The Tacx Neo Bike Plus.

The Tacx Neo Bike Plus is available now at an RRP of £3,499.99 / €3,999.99 / $3,999.99, a £1,200 / €1,400 / $800 price increase compared to its predecessor.

It’s fair to say that prices have risen in the cycling industry in recent years. Still, an increase of this magnitude between two ostensibly similar generations of a product is unusual.

We asked Garmin if there was a particular reason the increase in RRP was so significant, and he said that “Neo Bike Plus offers a full suite of quality improvements and user feedback compared to the current Neo Bike Smart.”

These changes, Garmin says, “provide the user with a much more refined indoor riding experience and allow them to get the most out of their indoor training.”

Tablets and other smart devices can be mounted to the front of the Tacx Neo Bike Plus to display interactive indoor cycling apps.

Price aside, the Tacx Neo Bike Plus is compatible with all the best indoor cycling apps.

You can communicate with smart devices, such as smartphones, tablets, computers and cycle computers, via ANT+ or Bluetooth.

However, unlike some recently released high-end smart bikes and trainers, such as the Elite Justo, Wahoo Kickr V6, and Wahoo Kickr Bike V2, the Tacx Neo Bike Plus cannot connect to a local Internet network (either wired or wireless). wirelessly).

The Neo Bike Plus retains the same 4.5-inch LCD screen and two built-in fans from the previous version.

Tacx Neo Bike Plus Specifications

  • Flywheel Weight: N/A (virtual wheel)
  • Declared Power Accuracy: +/- 1% without calibration
  • Maximum power: 2200W
  • Simulated maximum gradient: 25 percent
  • Bike Weight: 50kg
  • Device Compatibility: Bluetooth, ANT+ and ANT+ FEC

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