Dillon Danis claims he paid Bellator ‘a hefty fee’ to box with KSI, but that he makes ‘more money than any guy in MMA right now’

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Dillon Danis claims that he is paying Bellator for the right to box with KSI.

On January 14, Danis is set to make his long-awaited return to combat sports when he takes on YouTube personality KSI in a boxing match. The former BJJ prospect and rising MMA fighter has been sidelined for more than three years while dealing with injuries, and now he is back fighting in the ring. According to him, he is making a king’s ransom to do it.

“I’m still the most relevant at 2-0, and I’m about to make the biggest purse of anyone in MMA, active,” Danis told Ariel Helwani on MMA time. “I am not going to say [how much], but it is much more than anyone. Once she gets out, you can see it. will come out I’m telling you, I’m making more money than any UFC champion right now.”

“I’m 2-0 and I’m about to make more money than any other MMA player right now,” Danis continued later. “100 percent… It’s okay, Izzy. [Israel Adesanya], because he gets the pay-per-view and stuff like that, he might actually be close to Izzy, and Conor isn’t fighting right now. I’m telling you. i saw what paulo [Costa] was supposed to do against [Robert] whittaker [$70,000 show, $70,000 win], and that’s what I was getting in my first fight for Bellator. That’s nothing. It is shameful. I got more than that in my first Bellator fight.”

Danis did not stop there. After stating that he is making more money than any UFC fighter, he said that he is probably spending more too, because he had to pay Bellator for the right to box with KSI.

“I don’t know if I’m allowed to talk about how I had to do that, because Showtime and DAZN are rivals, so I had to pay a hefty fee,” Danis said. “It’s a lot of money. What I’m paying Coker to let me fight is more than probably every UFC [fighter makes].

“I am still with them. It would be different if I was with Showtime, because Showtime has a deal with them.”

A Bellator official declined to comment when contacted by MMA Fighting about Danis’ comments on Wednesday. However, when the fight was first announced, Bellator CEO Scott Coker confirmed that Danis is still with the promotion, saying that he “didn’t want to hold him back” from a chance. The executive offered Danis good luck and said he would “have his hands full” with KSI. Some took that statement as a sign of Coker’s frustration with his aspiring star, and Danis isn’t denying that.

“He wants him to come back to MMA, his star,” Danis said. “Obviously there is no one in Bellator that is going to bring that kind of noise. Who brings so much hype?

“I just think he’s mad,” Danis continued. “The big comeback should have been in MMA, which I agree with, but why not just beat up a YouTuber for a ton of money?”

According to Danis, KSI wasn’t even his first choice for a boxing opponent. “The Boss” originally said that he was supposed to fight Logan Paul to set up an eventual match with Jake Paul, but after Logan injured his knee while wrestling for WWE, they had to switch to KSI.

“I was supposed to fight Logan,” Danis said. “Logan was completely signed. 100 percent signed, and we were going to announce it on that same date, then that same date we were going to announce myself and Logan, and then he did that [wrestling] fight with Roman Reigns and hurt his knee, and then they said, ‘Do you want to wait for Logan?’ He could have waited for Logan, but he said, ‘I don’t know about my knee, it could be six months,’ and I said, dude, I’ve been out long enough, I want to fight. So I took KSI.

“I wanted Logan more, because we had more meat. The Pauls and us, but KSI is good too. I don’t give a damn, to be honest. I’m a jiu-jitsu guy about to box for a couple million bucks.”

The Paul brothers, particularly Jake, have a longstanding feud with Conor McGregor, who Danis has worked with on several occasions before. KSI previously feuded with the Paul brothers, taking on Logan at the event that kicked off the era of influential boxing, but has since become Logan’s business partner.

If Danis manages to beat KSI, rescheduling a boxing match with Logan Paul could be his next logical matchup. He certainly thinks that’s what’s in store next at least.

“It was supposed to be guaranteed when he beat Logan,” Danis said. “It was in the contract that they wanted Jake. So I can imagine they’re both going to be fucking begging me after this. I’m going to hurt KSI a lot, dude. They are going to see”.

Danis boxes with KSI at MF & DAZN: X SEries 004 on January 14 at London’s Wembley Arena.

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