Lincoln’s L100 Concept Model Is A Futuristic Look At An Autonomous Electric Coupe That Opens Like A Ladybug | Carcoops

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Lincoln today unveiled the Model L100 Concept, an all-electric, fully autonomous concept car that looks to the future while honoring the brand’s history.

Unveiled as part of Monterey Car Week, it will take part in the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance later this week, which celebrates the brand’s 100th anniversary. In fact, the automaker says the concept was inspired by the 1922 Lincoln Model L, which was, at the time, a highly regarded engineering masterpiece for the brand.

“We are at a special moment in our history. Over the past 100 years, Lincoln has pioneered multiple innovations and pushed design boundaries that have come to define our brand as we know and love it today,” said Joy Falotico, president of Lincoln. “With the L100 Concept model, we reimagine what the sanctuary of Lincoln can look like for our customers of tomorrow and take a big step towards our next chapter.”

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Lincoln sees its future as an elegant age, and this design has been envisioned to convey that. A glass greyhound acts as the hood ornament, although it is contained within the glass hood, as a nod to its 100-year-old ancestor. Meanwhile, the coupe body style cuts through the air with its “K-tail” and long, low proportions. The bodywork is almost perfect, too, because everything from the back to the A-pillars opens up.

With the doors open like the shell of a ladybug and the roof also raised, the Model L100 Concept was supposed to give a “real sense of ceremony” when you approached it. And that sense of pomp goes beyond the extravagant doors.

Lincoln uses lighting cues to welcome occupants with an “orchestrated symphony of lights” both inside and out. The lighting can also follow humans around the vehicle to create a specific experience for them. It is also useful as it contains information about the state of charge of the battery.

Once inside, occupants are greeted by a vegan interior that is made of soft, warm white seating materials, accented by amethyst-colored recycled suede. The exterior color was achieved using metallic paint and a ceramic tri-coat with frosted acrylic accents instead of chrome.

Spatially, the interior has been designed to take advantage of the concept’s autonomous and electric technology. Vehicle is driven with a jewel-inspired “chess piece controller” instead of a steering wheel or pedals

Meanwhile, the seating can be configured so that all seats face forward or each other, for a more social atmosphere. A simple folding front seat allows for that transformation, while the flat, lighted floor takes advantage of the lack of powertrain components that clutter the passenger cabin.

Lincoln doesn’t go into detail about the powertrain, but says the L100 uses next-generation battery pack and cell technologies that will deliver “revolutionary energy density.” It treats the entire vehicle as a system, he says, by integrating the batteries into the vehicle’s structure, allowing for greater efficiency.

“This concept allowed us to design a new experience that is free from the limitations of the past and represents an evolution of our silent flight principles,” said Kemal Curic, director of global design for Lincoln. “The ultimate expression of our Model L100 design is one that moves effortlessly, a vehicle that appears sculpted by the wind, as if friction didn’t exist.”

A follow-up to the brand’s Star Concept SUV, the Model L100 Concept is the latest hint of Lincoln’s design intentions for its electric era. With the promise of multiple electric vehicles on the road by 2025, the brand is working to take the next step into the future.

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