KSI vs. FaZe Temperrr full fight, play-by-play updates, live stream results

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New Year New Celebrity Boxing Card!

Despite Dillon Danis’ long-awaited withdrawal from this boxing card (watch it here), we’re still in the loop like a lot of old metaphors. Professional vlogger and personality, Olajide Olayinka Williams Olatunji (also known as “KSI”) will take on professional eSports player Thomas Oliveira, also known as “FaZe Temperr.” In fact, it’s MF & DAZN X Series 4, coming live from inside OVO Arena in London, England, starting today (Saturday, January 14, 2023) at 2pm ET (7pm GMT), streaming only on DAZN.

For many of us here at MMAMania.com, the only other recognizable fighter on the card is former MMA fighter and puncher Danis, anthony taylorfacing off against undefeated professional boxer, Idris Virgo. Although Virgo is not next bernard hopkinsbrings a very respectable undefeated record (12-0-1) to the table against the combined MMA and boxing record of 9-8 for Taylor (and an aforementioned “win” against the biggest finisher in combat sports).

MF & DAZN Series 4: KSI Vs FaZe Temperrr Quick Results:

176lbs: KSI vs. FaZe Temperrr –
175 pounds: Slim Albaher def. Tom Zanetti – Unanimous Decision (39-37 x2, 39-38)
185 lbs: Salt Papi def. Josh Brueckner – KO (Rd. 2)
168 pounds: mysterious opponent Luis Alcaraz Pineda def. BDave – Unanimous Decision (30-25×3)
185 lbs: Swarmz def. Ryan Taylor – TKO (Rd. 1)
138 pounds: Elle Brooke def. Faith Ordway – TKO (Rd. 1) — STAND OUT
175 pounds: Idris Virgo def. Anthony Taylor – Unanimous Decision (40-32 x3) — STAND OUT

MF & DAZN Series 4: KSI Vs FaZe Temperrr Play-by-Play Updates:

176lbs: KSI vs. FaZe Temperrr

Round 1:

Round 2:

Round 3:

Round 4:

Round 5:

Round 6:

Final score:

175 pounds: Slim Albaher vs. Tom Zanetti

Round 1: Zanetti in black and gold, Albaher in white with blue and purple trim. Honestly, it looks like he received a warm-up suit from the Charlotte Hornets. Elegant. Slim fighting back with a long jab to start. Zanetti connects a right hand from the clinch. Thin with a great smell. Zanetti yelling at Albaher. A good right hand and a left cut from Albaher supports Zanetti. A couple of lefts too. Slim throws wide but lands on the Brit who doesn’t move his head at all. Both men standing on the ground.

10-9 Albaher

Round 2: Right hand from Slim on the break of a short clinch. A short fight on the ropes. Zanetti’s footwork is not good. Albaher made it 1-2, and Zanetti finished off with a right hand. The same is repeated. Three right hands in a row. Zanetti looks haggard here as Albaher lands repeatedly. He’s still standing and he’s got fire in his eyes, but he’s cracking.

10-8 Albaher

Round 3: Tom Zanetti is eating Albaher’s shots, but Slim is feeding him like the devil fed Homer Simpson’s donuts. Zanetti is gassed and now hits with the swing arm. It’s a game, but it doesn’t connect those big, wild shots. Right-left from Albaher. Right hands of both men. Slim isn’t landing huge, but he is landing consistently. Zanetti connects a good left, but it does not seem to faze Albaher. Two BIG punches from Zanetti, and suddenly Albaher wobbles a bit. He manages to hold off Zanetti during the round.

10-9 Albaher

Round 4: Zanetti unable to find range. Slim is also quite lacking now. Zanetti blocks a couple of rights. Both men connect with rights. Slim steps up and eats two solid right hands. They are shooting at each other. Nice way to end a fight full of heart.

10-9 Zanetti

Final score: Slim Albaher def. Tom Zanetti. Unanimous Decision 39-37 x2, 39-38

185 pounds: Salt Papi vs. Josh Brueckner

Round 1: The man I will now label as Salt is in black and blue boxer shorts. Brueckner in teal and white. Salt actually has a background as an amateur boxer, despite appearing to have gotten off the couch. Salt looks for early counterattack. Brueckner with a triple jab as he steps away from the power side. Good technical combat so far for a couple of neophytes. 1-2 from Salt and the 2 landed well. They trade in the pocket and Salt gets the better of it with a couple of left hands. There’s a good left to Brueckner’s body.

10-9 Get Out Daddy

Round 2: Brueckner does a smart job as he steers away from power and mixes body/head. Salt gets a counter. Brueckner walks right into a counter attack that plants him on his ass, and he’s done! What a great slip and tear knockout for the youngster from the Philippines.

Final score: Salt Papi der. Josh Bruckner. KO, 1:33 of round 2

168 lbs.: Mystery Opponent vs. BDave

Round 1: We’re STILL not told who BDave “Krab Daddy” is fighting as he walks to the ring. Gotta love a trick. Speaking of which, they drop the lights and play The Undertaker’s theme song from the WWF/E days. Very funny, I’ll give him that. Finally, we have the revelation and it is Luis Alcaraz Pineda. Big pop for Pineda.

BDave in red, Pineda in white with green and red trim. They are swinging big. Nice combo from Pineda, and BDave also lands a big right hand. Body-head-head of Pineda. BDave getting some shots in the clinch. When in range, BDave doesn’t show much movement anywhere and Pineda attacks him repeatedly. Pineda using his length well and going to the body and up. Huge against the Mexican’s right.

10-9 Pineda, borderline 10-8

Round 2: Pineda doesn’t have the energy in his stride that he did in the first. He’s still getting some long body shots. BDave keeps trying to get into the pocket, but she can’t. There are a couple of rights from Pineda. The right hand of the clinch out of nowhere on the bell drops BDave!

10-8 Pineda

Round 3: Both men are tired here, so we’re looking at a lot of clinch work. There is a nice right through Pineda. Pineda slip, without demolition. There’s a shot to BDave’s body. BDave with a big left hook. Hell, Alcaraz just spit out his mouthpiece. There’s a bit of life to Pineda, as he lands a left-right and an uppercut a few seconds later. 25 seconds left. Pineda 1-2, and again.

Pineda 10-9 in a close match that could go either way.

Final score: Luis Alcaraz Pineda def. BDave. Unanimous Decision 30-25×3

185 pounds: Ryan Taylor vs. Swarmz

Round 1: Taylor in black and red, Swarmz in black and white. Swarmz tries to style and lands a good jab. That hurt Taylor. Because this is minor league, the referee doesn’t stop the fight, but he did stop it to bring in the doctor. He is arguing with his corner that he wants him to continue this round, but he repeats that he can’t see with that eye. That is.

Final score: Swarmz def. Ryan Taylor. TKO, 0:48 of round 1.

To order KSI vs. FaZe Temperrr on DAZN, click here.

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