Young & Restless Bungle: A fatal flaw in Jack’s plan leaves Diane’s fate in the hands of her enemies

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It’s a chance to get Jenkins out of town on a silver platter. Why wouldn’t they take it?!

Well, it looks like Jack and Diane’s plan worked out perfectly. Jeremy was dragged off by Chance and he was deeply framed. but for those young and restless fans left wondering, “Is that it?” there’s still hope for a twist because jack’s plan has one giant and possibly fatal failure…

Since Diane’s return, Phyllis and Nikki have spearheaded the campaign to get her out of town. Ashley joined the effort, and the trio became known, at least to Diane, as the “coven.” To date, her attempts to get rid of her sworn enemy have hurt them more than Diane. In fact, her plans often played directly into Jenkins’ hands as he used rejection to win over Jack and Kyle.

After Phyllis lured the so-called dangerous criminal Jeremy Stark into town, things went even further south for her. After giving up her hotel in a scheme to work at Jabot/Marchetti to sabotage her nemesis, Phyllis ended up getting fired by Summer for her role in escalating the situation with her phone call to the former partner in crime. from Diane.

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Nikki and Ashley balked a bit at their redheaded counterpart bringing the big bad to town and wondered if things had gone too far, but they never backed down from their default position: the trouble in Genoa City is Diane’s fault and no one’s. more.

While Nikki refrained from actively conspiring against Diane at the behest of her family, Ashley has continued to vehemently express her hatred for Diane. In fact, she yelled at Jack that the woman would never be welcome in her home or her company as far as she was concerned. “Never!”

Of course, Ashley left town after being let down by Tucker, so she’s not really a factor in what’s currently going on. That leaves Nikki and Phyllis, and oddly enough, part of Jack’s plan to take out Stark and save Diane’s bacon depends heavily on one of them.

It seems to us a fatal flaw.

After breaking into Nikki and Victor’s pied-a-terre in Chicago to steal the valuable necklace, Jack and Diane set Jeremy up to take the blame for the theft, sending him back to prison and getting rid of the threat. So far, everything has gone according to plan, but the next part is more complicated.

Jack left Nikki a voicemail telling her that they needed to talk about the robbery. I have some good news and some bad. Will he confess to stealing the necklace himself to frame Stark for helping Diane?

At one point, while they were plotting to steal the necklace, Jack told Diane that he would make Nikki understand. So, we have to assume that he’s not going to let her believe that Stark broke in and took the bauble, but instead he’s going to confess and explain that he was the one who breached security.

This means he’s counting on Nikki not flipping the script on him and Diane, but given how she feels about Diane, why? I would not do it she? Jack has just offered him the chance to get rid of Diane once and for all on a silver platter!

Once Jack confesses, all Nikki has to say is that she’ll accept his version of events to the police on one condition: Diane leaves town forever. Of course, Jack will try to blame her and say that she and her henchmen put Diane in danger by bringing Stark to the city, leaving them no choice but to hatch the plan.

We don’t really think Nikki would give up Jack, but she could certainly threaten to if Diane doesn’t agree to hit the road.

Even if Jack allows Nikki to believe that Stark took the necklace and doesn’t tell her the truth, she might eventually find out. Especially if he discusses the situation with Phyllis and finds out that Diane was on top of Jeremy at the Glam Club right before the mugging happened and that Red was with Jeremy when he got a call from Diane asking him to meet the next morning. This couple is more than an expert at adding two and two.
Phyllis Nikki Y&R

Remember, Jack and Diane are each other’s alibi, however she was seen with Jeremy at the Glam Club around the time Jack was arriving in Chicago. Phyllis even took a photo of them. That has to come into play. If the police get involved, the stakes may be higher than Diane being forced to leave town since Jack and Diane’s fingerprints are on the necklace.

Bottom line: Jack has effectively executed a plan that could leave Diane’s fate in the hands of Nikki and Phyllis and could even end with him and Diane being framed for robbery, cheating, and lying to the police.

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