Young & Restless Game-Changer: Adam’s vengeful agenda would surprise Victor and turn the Newmans upside down

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Newman is focused on getting the truth about Ashland’s death…but why?!?

young and restless Adam has been a bit depressed ever since he left Newman Enterprises again. As Victor would remind him, he elected to leave, but as Adam told others, it was the only move given that, in his opinion, he had been “used” by his father as a placeholder for Victoria and not taken seriously as the rightful heir to the chair.

To make matters worse, to ensure that his beloved Sally had a chance to keep her job as CEO of the Newman Media subsidiary, Adam had to leave her, unceremoniously and unpleasantly, lest she be tainted by her connection to him in his sister’s eyes.

Adam now wanders the streets of the city of Genoa alone and unattached, and despite an intriguing and unexpected job offer from the ever-sympathetic Jack Abbott to come work with him at Jabot, he seems focused on one thing: discovering the truth. truth about Ashland. Locke’s death.

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After seeing Nick and Sharon talking behind closed doors, Adam consulted with his ex to find out what she knew about Ashland’s death but got no satisfaction.

then did two Attempts to find out what Sally knows about death: The first was when he ran into her at Society when she was there to buy takeout. The second time, she actually showed up at her office, which should give you an idea of ​​how eager she is to get the details. She even offered him a little quid pro quo deal, another indicator of how desperate he is to uncover the truth. Adam came away empty-handed on both attempts, but he wasn’t discouraged…
Sally Adam speaks Y&R

He then sought out the investigating officer’s wife and her half-sister, Abby. Playing on the theme that they’re both strangers to the family, Adam asked her what she knew, realizing that she knew diddly-squat, and suggested that they stay informed about what they hear.

Perhaps knowing that Abby would go straight to Chance for questioning after his suspicions had been so cleverly aroused by Adam, he showed up in the park just as Abby had just finished questioning her husband. Abby, of course, got 411 from Chance, who told her that she suspected her father was involved in a cover-up and even asked if she wanted him to back off.

As Abby left the park, Adam approached Chance and offered to help him with his investigation. Now, Chance isn’t half the detective he thinks he is if he doesn’t question Newman’s motives, we sure did!

adam seems so In order to get to the truth, which he clearly hopes will implicate his father, we have to ask: what does he plan to do with the information once he has it?

You no longer have a publishing platform with which to publicly hang Victor out dry and reduce company stock, so what’s your point of view?

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Could it be that Adam is hoping to get back at his father for his latest snub in the form of…blackmail?!?

Adam was about to leave town for Las Vegas when he learned of Ashland’s death and Chance’s suspicions, and immediately canceled his flight. He definitely had a lightbulb moment in the park that day, and Adam is nothing if not sneaky, so he would have instantly seen a way to turn the situation in his favor.

If Adam is able to find out what really happened to Ashland Locke that night, he’s not likely to share the evidence with Chance. It is much more likely that he will use it to blackmail Victor into putting him back in charge of Newman Enterprises.

Adam would also find out that Nikki, Nick and Victoria are complicit after the fact. This means that they will not be able to interfere with his schedule.

If this plot goes well and Adam is back in charge of Newman Enterprises, then it could clarify why he broke up with Sally, and the two could get back together.

In short, Adam could have everything he wants again.

Why your Do you think Adam wants the truth about Ashland’s death that bad? How will this play out? Leave your thoughts on this story in the comments section below.

His own worst enemy: Take a look at our photos of Adam Newman through the years in the gallery below.

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