How and when to preload ‘Warzone 2’ Plus File Size on Xbox, PlayStation and PC

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war zone 2 It’s almost here, along with the start of call of duty: modern warfare ii Season 1, the addition of the new DMZ mode and a whole host of new content to dive into.

The new free game Obligations Battle Royale comes with the new Al Mazrah map, an all-new Battle Pass, and overhauled gameplay systems including 2v2 Gulag matches, all-new Buy Stations, and a collapsing circle that can split into two or three more circles. little ones.

preload for war zone 2 has already started on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, and PC via and Steam. I’ve tried preloading and ran into a few hiccups that I’m currently working on with Activision. Basically, go to your platform’s store and search War zone 2. When it appears, you should be able to just hit the preload button and start the installation.

However, the drawbacks I have run into include:

  • On Steam when I press preload it just launches Modern warfare II. It could be that this means that the game is already preloaded. I’m not sure!
  • On PlayStation 5, when I search war zone 2 does not appear. modern warfare ii appears, as do some packages for the original war zone, but not War zone 2.

However, you can go to this link which will take you to the war zone 2 website where you can choose the platform of your choice and add the game to your library (in theory this should work!) For example, this link takes me directly to the PlayStation version of the game and gives me the option to add it to my library.

When I followed the steps in that link I found out that on PlayStation, war zone 2 is presented as Modern warfare II. There is no separate game, icon, or page for it. I was able to preload, but I can’t tell if it’s preloading everything modern warfare ii game (which I don’t have on PlayStation!) or just War zone. However, the file size is 38.6 GB. More on this in a second.

Speaking of file sizes, how much space does Warzone 2 require?

I’m trying to get confirmation of the download size from Activision, but at this point I’m seeing conflicting reports. For example, many media reports that war zone 2 It will take up 115 GB on Xbox and PlayStation, but when I preloaded the game on my Xbox Series X, this is the screen that appears when I go to manage the game:

As you can see, here I show you war zone 2 occupying a measly 6.2 GB. The full footprint of Modern Warfare II Campaign, Co-Op, Multiplayer, and Warzone 2 is less than 50 GB.

In the meantime, I was able to see the preload size on I’ve got modern warfare ii installed on Steam and on the war zone 2 page says you need 125 GB of space on your machine to install the game. However, on, preloading requires only 17.4 GB:

Yes war zone 2 it’s just 6.2 GB on Xbox and 17.4 GB on I can’t imagine it being 38.6 GB on PlayStation, which suggests to me that there is some ‘base’ game that includes files for both. modern warfare ii Y warzone 2, and that’s also getting installed on my PlayStation 5 (where I really don’t have that much space! I’m just doing this for science!)

It’s possible this is just the initial preload size, and there’s another big update on the way that will require a lot more hard drive space. I have asked for clarification and will update this post when I find out more.

All of which is to say that we have limited information at this point, but the actual preload isn’t that great as far as I can tell, ranging from 6.2GB on Xbox to 17.4GB on PC Y 38.6GB on PlayStationthough it’s probably smaller there if you already have modern warfare ii installed.

Oh, and right now my Steam installation of Modern Warfare II—presumably with war zone 2 Preloaded: 55.45 GB. I think it was around 30 GB at launch. So it is possible that on Steam the war zone 2 the update was around 25 GB, but I’m not entirely sure as updates between release and now might affect the size of the base install.

Mysteries abound! See you in Warzone this Wednesday! If everything goes according to plan and we don’t constantly crash, that is!

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