The Young and the Restless Spoilers January 16-20

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In the latest from young and restless Spoilers Monday, January 16 to Friday, January 20, Kyle is arrested, Jack and Diane are questioned, Victor becomes proactive, and Jill is given a job that may be impossible to pull off: smoothing things over between Devon and Lily. Read on and we’ll get into the nitty-gritty of these teasers and more!

young and restless spoilers week of January 16:

Y&R Restless rant! Hot Topics: Victor is about to do the inconceivablePlus, Chance’s outburst, Tucker’s downfall, Jack’s stupidity, Devon’s big move, and Sally’s secret is about to be exposed.

young and restless spoilers for monday january 16:

I hope you have a lot of duct tape. Victor works to repair his relationship with Adam, which at this point has been demolished more times than The Mustache has been married.

Is it the beginning of the end for “Skyle”? When Summer discovers Kyle’s scheming, there’s no way she’s going to get it right.

Devon makes a painful decision, perhaps about parting ways with Chancellor-Winters and risking creating a new chasm with his sister Lily?

Cast News! Michael and Lauren are about to get the surprise of their lives during a very special episode.

young and restless spoilers for Tuesday, January 17:

His days as a lying bastard rat are behind him, usually Jack tries to be upfront and honest. So it can almost be a relief for him when he’s forced to come clean.

When Daniel and Summer share a difference of opinion, it can only be about one thing…or should we say one person: Mommy Phyllis!

Closer and closer, they just keep getting closer. Now Sharon helps Chance with some soul-searching. If she looks deep enough into her heart, will she discover feelings for her new friend that are more than friendly?

Two Hallmark favorites join forces once again when their new series explodes with heated gossip and dark secrets.

young and restless Spoilers for Wednesday, January 18:

This should be fun: Phyllis calls Tucker’s bluff. Why we still think these two would make a great couple. None of them can avoid getting into trouble with every step!

Jill does damage control with Lily and Devon. But are the mover and shaker fighting a losing battle?

Jack and Diane are at great risk. Honestly, by now, what’s one more, right? The question is, will the gamble pay off in the way they hope? In other words, paving the way for Jeremy Stark to be out of his life forever.

young and restless Spoilers for Thursday, January 19:

Is hell freezing over? It must be if Victoria and Chelsea manage to come to an understanding.

It looks like it’s going to be the “Maybe we can still be friends” talk when Billy and Lily clear the air.

Dun-Dun-dunnn. Mariah and Tessa return home with unexpected news. The adoption couldn’t be failing… could it?

young and restless Spoilers for Friday, January 20:

Victor encourages Kyle to behave responsibly and honorably, because more than success, those are the things that really matter. It’s a prank. The Black Knight urges Jack’s son to play dirty.

Sally wrestles with the truth, and perhaps also with the chance to show us how she’s grown. Come on, Sally, show us you’re not the same rogue who pretended she was dying in hopes of holding on to a boyfriend!

Nikki questions Jack and Diane. Which roughly translates to “keeps your feet on fire,” because you know Ms. Newman has no patience with the reformed schemer and his one-man support system.

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—Candace Young/Charlie Mason

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