Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Recommended Gym Badge and Titan Ability Order

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are here, which represents a massive change in the traditional Pokemon formula. While these open world games bear some resemblance to Pokemon Legends: Arceus, it all takes place in a single contiguous world and allows you to go anywhere you want once you’ve completed the tutorial. But before we jump right into the tougher gyms, here are our recommendations for the order in which to take on the various challenges.

What gym should I do first?

Scarlet and Violet actually have 18 badges in total: eight Gym Badges, five Team Star Badges, and five Titan Badges. Those are your rewards for the three different mission types in the game: Victory Road, Starfall Street, and Path of Legends. When you finish the tutorial, you’ll have all the quests for each of those three quest types marked on your map and you’ll be free to roam. However, the game doesn’t tell you what level your opponents will be at, so it’s easy to wander into a gym that’s too difficult for you. Similarly, the later bases of Team Star and the Titans will be set at much higher levels. As a general rule, the further north you go, the more difficult the missions will be.

Since you need Gym Badges for the higher level Pokemon to listen to you, you’ll probably need to do them more or less in the order of the Gyms so that you can have powerful monsters to combine. Gyms in scarlet and purple often revolve around some non-battle activity, so you may not know just how tough your Gym Leader opponent will be until you come face to face with him in battle. See below for our recommended levels for certain gyms.

Recommended levels for gyms

  • Gym Chopping (Bug) – 10-15
  • Artazin Gym (Grass) – 15-20
  • Cascarrafa Gym (Water) – 25-30
  • Levincia Gym (Electric) – 30-35
  • Medali Gym (Normal) – 35-40
  • Alfornada Gym (Psychic) ​​- 40-45
  • Montenevera Gym (Ghost) – 40-45
  • Glazed Gym (Ice) – 45-50

Path of Legends Order

But tough battles aren’t the only way Scarlet and Violet subtly monitor your progress. Path of Legends fights are how you’ll get new traversal abilities, and some gyms are much easier to hit if you’ve unlocked particular ways to move. These unlocks are tied to particular Titans, which you can find below. You will need a High Jump or Glide to get through some chasms to the northern areas. The final ability, Climb, essentially gives you full access to any area, as you can scale cliffs. That’s especially useful for getting to the Padded Gym, as it provides an easy shortcut instead of going through a maze-like cave. You also need the Surf ability to get to the final Titan.

Titan Abilities / Recommended Order

  • Stony Cliff Titan – Dash
  • Open Sky Titan – Surf
  • Stalking Steel Titan – High Jump
  • Shaking Earth Titan – Glide
  • False Dragon Titan – Rise

All-Star Team Battles

Team Star battles are less necessary to access content. They don’t give you a boost to your Pokemon obedience level and they don’t give you any new roam options. Currency and TM are useful, but not strictly necessary. However, these get increasingly difficult, and Team Star’s toughest base is one of the toughest fights in the game. So you’ll want to keep up with Team Star challenges by mostly taking the bases closest to other missions you’ve completed. One nice thing about the Star Team missions is that after you run the challenge part and take out the commander, you don’t need to repeat that part. If you fail to defeat the Team Star commander, you can simply go back and jump right into the battle.

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