Spoilers for Days of Our Lives September 19-30

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we have the latest days of our lives spoilers from Monday, September 19 to Friday, September 30. Chad finally finds the answers he’s been looking for, leading to a moment he won’t want to miss. Elsewhere, EJ has big news for Belle, Rex finds answers, and Gabi discovers that having Stefan back isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

days of our lives Spoilers week of September 19:

days of our lives Spoilers for Monday, September 19:

What really happened the night Sonny was attacked…and who was responsible? Chad and Will combine forces in hopes of helping Sonny remember the truth.

Things are looking bad for Leo… so bad that he only has one place left to turn. But is Gwen really in a position to help?

After overhearing a rather damning conversation, Nancy can’t help but think that she’s being tricked again, this time by Clyde.

Xander turns to his best friend Jack for a little advice on how to handle things with Sarah.

days of our lives Spoilers for Tuesday, September 20:

About the last thing Nancy or Clyde expected — and honestly, we’d probably be on that list too — is for her ex-husband, Craig, to show up. What brings you back to Salem?

EJ and Stefan are never going to be friends…hell, they don’t even trust each other. But when EJ offers a proposition, Stefan may have to admit that he’s intrigued. Meanwhile, Chad, always the last to know, discovers that Stefan is the last local to rise from the grave. (Everyone does…except, apparently, poor dead Abby.)

Leo thinks he knows who has been framing him and shares the information with Gwen. (Of course, by doing so, he may have put her in danger if she’s right!)

days of our lives Spoilers for Wednesday, September 21:

Remember years ago when John and Kristen were a couple? Given her long history, it’s no wonder she can push her buttons and make him attack at the worst possible time.

Chloe must be really desperate if she’s asking Kate for a favor!

While Steve is busy taking on his nemesis Orpheus, Kayla and Marlena anxiously await the results of their blood tests.

days of our lives Spoilers for Thursday, September 22:

It looks like Chad may finally have found the answer to the question he’s been posing for months: “Who really killed Abigail?”

Feeling terribly betrayed by his brother, Sonny lashes out at Alex.

Someone is about to catch Jennifer in the act, which can’t be a good thing!

How will Craig react when he and Leo cross paths for the first time since their almost wedding? God knows they have a lot to unpack!

days of our lives Spoilers for Friday, September 23:

Armed with his new theory about Abigail’s murder, Chad goes to the only person he thinks can confirm his suspicions: Sonny!

How will Brady react to the confession Chloe is about to make?

Nicole and Eric decide it’s time to stop playing around and finally come clean with each other. Will the truth free them from each other or bring them even closer? And is Jada’s shocking discovery related to Nicole and Eric or something else entirely?

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days of our lives spoilers week of september 26

days of our lives Spoilers for Monday, September 26:

Belle might want to brace herself for the bomb EJ is about to drop on her!

days of our lives Spoilers for Tuesday, September 27:

If Jennifer thought she could keep her secret, she was definitely wrong. But how will Jack feel when it’s Gwen, of all people, who tells him what’s going on?

days of our lives Spoilers for Wednesday, September 28:

When Chad ends up over his head, it’s EJ, yes EJ! – to the rescue.

days of our lives Spoilers for Thursday, September 29:

Marci Miller returns as Chad, having finally gotten to the truth about her murder, says goodbye to the woman he loves.

Gabi wanted nothing more than for Stefan to come back to her. But now that she has rejoined the living, her behavior has turned her dream into a nightmare!

days of our lives Spoilers for Friday, September 30:

Rex is able to save Kate’s life when he realizes her ailment!

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