How to activate the nuke in ‘Warzone 2’ and win the match instantly

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It finally happened :A war zone 2 The squad has blown up the map, instantly earning a special ‘Champion Domination’ victory in the process. Players expected a nuclear bomb to be added to the original game from Verdansk. has been added to war zone 2 at launch.

Here’s how to drop a nuke on the new Al Mazrah map and get the most coveted W in any battle royale game. Warning: It’s not easy. Very few players will be able to finish this challenge, making it much more of a triumph for the talented few who do. There are several steps to complete this process, and it is the first step that is by far the most difficult. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  1. Win 5 matches of war zone 2 in a row.
  2. Find the three nuclear ingredients.
  3. Wait until the bomb site appears.
  4. Load the bomb site with all three components.
  5. Activate the bomb.
  6. Defend the bomb until it explodes.

Yeah, so win five games of war zone 2 in a row is . . . crazy. You have to be the best of the best to even get two in a row. (I’ve gotten one win out of the eight or so games I’ve played so far and I feel great about it!)

As of this writing, only one squad has completed this mission. The team consisted of three teammates and one random lucky man. streamers ethanstellar, OP MarkedY wagnificent are the first players to achieve domination of a champion in Warzone 2—and they almost dodon’t take it out. I’m curious how long it will be until another team claims the honor.

How to activate the nuke in Warzone 2

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of exactly what happens and what to do once you’ve completed that first step and somehow put on a 5-game win streak. (I’m not sure if you need five first-place wins, or if winning a Top 3 win counts, really.)

Once you’ve won five matches in a row, you’ll load into the Al Mazrah map as normal, only you’ll see three curious markers on the map as you fly:

As you fly, a message will appear saying “Champion’s Quest Available. Check your Tac-Map for a new Champion Quest.”

When you land on one of the markers on the map, you will start the quest for the champion. The quest text reads: Build and arm a nuclear bomb. Destroy the war zone.

At this point, a 26-minute countdown will begin, meaning you have the entire map to complete the quest or die trying.

Find the three nuclear components

Now that the search is on, you will see three circles appear on the left side of your screen. The first displays the letters Be, the abbreviation for the element Beryllium (#4 on the periodic table). This is the first of the nuke components you need to find. Each of the three components is housed in a small box and appears as an orb. The general location will appear on the map, but you will still need to find the precise location. Listen, as the boxes make a slight hum. When you find the beryllium, you will see a message saying “Tracking Device Activated”.

Picking up an orb will mark you on the Tac-Map with a golden crown, visible to all other players in the game, painting a very shiny target on your back for the rest of the match.

Once you find Beryllium, the next circle is unlocked after a short countdown. This circle says Pu, the abbreviation for the element Plutonium (#94). Once you pick up this orb, you will begin to suffer from the effects of radiation. Anyone close to you will also be affected. It won’t kill you, at least not very quickly! But it adds a new challenge to the game. Players can collect more than one orb or you can distribute them in your team.

The final circle will now activate. Appears as T, short for tritium, a “rare, radioactive isotope of hydrogen.” The message he sees when he gets to the box says “Scrambles Radar” and once he holds it, the Tac-Map is scrambled as if an enemy Counter-UAV had been used.

Find the bomb site and activate the nuke

With all three items in your possession, your squad is now marked on the Tac-Map, making it easier for enemy squads to chase you down. Your Tac-Map is scrambled, making it difficult to coordinate movement or see where to go next. And you’re suffering from radiation poisoning, which hurts your game. Now you need to wait a couple of minutes, and stay alive, until the bomb site appears. It will appear as a red and yellow nuclear symbol on the Tac-Map and in-game when you get close.

Once it appears, each player carrying an orb must deposit it in the bomb. Once you’ve deposited all three, you’ll see a message telling you to activate the bomb. And once you’ve done that, a final one minute countdown timer will appear and you’ll be instructed to defend the bomb until it explodes, like a very, very risky game of Search & Destroy.

Now all you have to do is stay alive, fight anyone who comes to kill you, and make sure no one defuses the bomb before it goes off. If you achieve all of that, the nuke drops onto the map killing any other player still alive and granting you and your squad Champion W Domination after a hard-fought victory.

As you can see, this is quite an achievement and no mean feat. Only the best of the best will even be able to start a Champion Quest, let alone run it successfully. Even this team of top-tier players came close to losing, with only one team member standing (and hiding) when the nuke finally went off. It’s almost lucky no one disarmed the bomb! Be sure to check ethanstellar, OP MarkedY wagnificent on Twitch as of this writing, to my knowledge, they are the only squad to complete this madness.

I’m curious if any other champion quests or similar mega-event-style quests will be added in the future (or if some are already in the game but remain secret). We will see.

Oh, and I guess the scum hackers and their vermin will be able to complete this too, unless Ricochet starts working better!

You can watch a truncated version of the match via YouTuber IceManIsaac below:

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