Hockey Canada’s investigation into alleged 2018 group sexual assault is complete | CBC News

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WARNING: This article contains graphic content and may affect those who have experienced sexual violence or know someone affected by it.

The investigation that Hockey Canada launched into high-profile allegations of group sexual assault in 2018 involving World Junior players has been concluded, the sports organization said.

The new chairman of Hockey Canada’s board of directors, retired judge Hugh Fraser, released a statement saying the investigator, Henein Hutchison, a law firm known for its criminal defense work, has delivered its report into the allegations.

The board is “still being briefed,” Fraser said, adding that it will not disclose what the investigation found.

The investigation will now go through an adjudication process by Hockey Canada to determine “what penalty, if any, to impose” on the players allegedly involved, Fraser said in the news release. That process will take place out of the public eye.

“The panel is proceeding with (confidential) proceedings on camera,” Fraser wrote in the statement provided to CBC News. “While this progresses, all information related to the content of the investigator’s report, the adjudication, and any appeals are held in the strictest confidence.”

Fraser said the process is being conducted confidentially because “we don’t want to jeopardize the London Police Service’s ongoing investigation.”

The update comes just days after the Globe and Mail first reported new details about the London police investigation, according to interview transcripts and search warrants the paper went to court to unseal.

The Crown prosecutor later shared copies of those documents with CBC News which revealed that London police believe they have reasonable grounds to charge five World Junior hockey players with sexually assaulting a young woman in London, Ontario. hotel room in 2018.

The names of the players have been redacted from the documents and their identities have not been made public.

Judge ordered law firm to turn over evidence to police

In October, a judge ordered Henein Hutchison to hand over to police the “fruits of the independent investigation” she carried out.

The court also ordered the law firm to provide London police with all interviews with the hockey team members, the complainant, witnesses, coaches and staff.

Henein Hutchison’s partner and lead investigator in this case, Danielle Robitaille, told a parliamentary committee in July that she had obtained a “range of evidence” after “talking to a number of witnesses”. Robitalle also told MPs that she interviewed seven coaches and staff members about the alleged incident.

“I believe that Danielle Robitaille has documents or data in her possession that could provide evidence in this case,” London police wrote in their application to the judge in the fall.

Hockey Canada said in September that the “fruits of” the Henein Hutchison investigation were confidential, but it would waive attorney-client privilege for the “limited purpose of cooperating” with the police investigation and comply with any court order.

WATCH/ Documents Reveal New Details Of Alleged Youth Hockey Sexual Assault

Documents Reveal New Details About Alleged Junior Hockey Sexual Assault

Recently filed court documents explain why police are seeking search warrants to further their investigation into five members of the 2018 World Junior hockey team who they believe were involved in an alleged sexual assault of a woman in London, Ontario. None of the police complaints have been proven in court and no charges have been filed.

Hockey Canada first contacted Henein Hutchison for legal advice in June 2018, the day after a mother reported finding her daughter crying in the shower, clutching her knees and rocking from side to side. after returning home from London, Ontario. hotel. She alleged that she was sexually assaulted by a group of hockey players at that hotel, according to her police interview. Her mother’s husband then contacted Hockey Canada, according to court records.

Robitaille told lawmakers that he advised the hockey organization to report the matter to the police. Hockey Canada later commissioned that same company to conduct an independent investigation into the allegations.

Henein Hutchison at one point shut down the investigation, arguing that he could not interview the remaining hockey players without hearing the whistleblower’s version of events, according to Robitalle’s parliamentary testimony. The investigation was later reopened when the complainant said he would provide a detailed account of what happened, Robitaille testified.

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