Sunday Scaries: Good Week I’m Not Afraid Of Jack Campbell Anymore And Nuge Is On Fire

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Sunday Scaries: Good Week I’m Not Afraid Of Jack Campbell Anymore And Nuge Is On Fire

The Oilers started the week with a swing and a miss in Los Angeles, which wasn’t pretty to see, let alone at 8:30 pm when all I wanted to do was go to bed.

We saw three Oilers fight separately in that game over LA’s goofy kings (namely Danault) and his tantrums (challenging Puljujarvi to fight after a clean hit). This game was super frustrating to watch because you could see that no one was interested in playing ANYTHING. The penalty was hot rubbish, with 4/6 goals scored for LA on the power play, one being an empty net goal. Aren’t the Oilers supposed to be the power play dealers of the NHL? Something has to give in the way of the penalty, because it’s embarrassing. The Oilers fell disappointingly 6-3, but that was six days ago, and we have much better games to discuss.


Moving on to Anaheim, and if you’re a Ducks fan, why would you be? Kennedy has one for you:

And they should be, however from my understanding the fanbase is all about tanking for Bedard. If my team was THAT disappointing, I’d be on that bandwagon too.

From the Oilers’ perspective, Holloway got his first look at the top line, and we loved it, especially after he was able to capitalize on an absolutely disgusting pitch four minutes into the game. Not long after Hollywood opened the scoring, Nuge scored his 20th of the season and then, without play-for-play because I’m not Louie or Jack, we had a goal from Captain Connor, two from skinny Klim Kostin and finally from Leon Draisaitl to finish our six goals.

After this, devastation hit my life. The gang went to Vegas without me.

The gang celebrated Connor’s birthday from a bar in Las Vegas by watching the Oilers beat the Sharks 7-1 on Nation Vacation. With a three-point night from the birthday boy (no surprise), a quiet three-point night from a Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, and for the third three-point night, Leon Draisaitl, because of course McDrai would deliver for Connor’s birthday. . Klim Kostin, Jesse Puljujarvi and Ryan McLeod were also able to contribute their own goals. Of course, the Oilers can’t stop getting scored by ex-Oilers somehow, so leave it up to Matt Benning for Oskar Lindblom to redirect to put the Sharks on the board with 5 minutes left in the game. . Jack Campbell made 26 saves and had a .962 sv%, he’s on the rise.

After this game, I feel confident in saying that Jack Campbell is on his way back to being the Jack Campbell we signed to a $5 million dollar contract. In his last three games, he has had save percentages of .900 and higher. All to his own credit because last night especially, our defense left him hanging on multiple occasions. Regardless, the Oilers found a way to come out on top winning 4-3, with Mattias Janmark opening the scoring and Leon scoring two, surely because Kennedy was around.

Klim Kostin got on the board AGAIN (a trend I love to see).

There was a lot to like about this Vegas game, and winning three in a row is the best of all. We’re back in this bitch, for real this time 🤞🏼. Oh and say hello to Vinny Desharnais, he’s another big guy we definitely needed on this team.

The fears:

  1. Our defense had been a clear problem, and it needs to be addressed NOW, no more sitting around waiting for the takeover trade deadline. If we want to make the playoffs, this move must be made as soon as possible.
  2. No pointing fingers because our entire defense has been rubbish, but Bouchard NEEDS to be more accountable and just better at his own goal. I’ve seen it being the direct cause of too many goals in recent memory, not a good look.
  3. Death penalty. After the Los Angeles game, this is a huge red flag for me.
  4. We have to keep winning. Consistency from here on out will be the only thing that gets us to the playoffs. This could easily be a turning point for our season, and I hope it is because I plan to rock the Edmonton playoffs again this year.
  5. Nuge, not for me, but for other teams. This guy is going absolutely nuts this year and in my (non-)professional opinion he is one of the most underrated players in the NHL, if not the most underrated. Kostin is also on my list, but I’m biased, so do with it what you want.
  6. Playing Tampa Bay on Thursday, because hey, it’s Tampa Bay.
Send me your thoughts about this week and your concerns for next week in the comments, or more attwitter!!

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