THE FLASH Movie: 7 Massive New Reveals In Leaked Concept Art

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The flash is a movie that has been embroiled in controversy thanks to the actions of lead star Ezra Miller. A series of widely reported personal issues have made the actor better known for it than his on-camera work, and we can’t understand how Warner Bros. plans to sell them as a superhero in the buildup to The flashLaunching in June.

There are still plenty of reasons to look forward to the movie, including a trip to the Multiverse, the return of some fan favorites, and even the debut of a major character.

Time The flash now it appears to be ready to be completely independent in the wild (original plans called for it to set the stage for crisis on infinite earths before the formation of DC Studios), fans remain eager to learn as much as possible about this journey through the DC Multiverse along with a very Different Justice League.

Thanks to this recently leaked concept art, we finally have some clues as to what’s to come when the fastest man alive returns to the big screen this summer. To see that, you will have to tap on the NEXT button for our breakdown!

7. Into the multiverse

It is probably used as a method to illustrate what the Multiverse would look like in The flash Rather than an exact rendition of what we’ll get in the movie, this piece shows Barry Allen racing through the Speed ​​Force.

Along the way, we see some familiar faces from the DCEU mixed in with some classics, including Christopher Reeve as Superman and Terence Stamp’s General Zod.

This part of the movie is almost definitely where we’ll have to keep an eye out for cameos, which explains recent claims that Henry Cavill’s Superman and Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman have been cut after filming appearances by the Speed ​​Force. before DC Studios. There are also alternate versions of The Flash; could break the Speed ​​Force now lead to a new DCU?

6. The Origin of Supergirl


In it Flash point comic, Barry Allen knew his best hope for fixing things was to get help from Superman. Unfortunately, when Kal-El crash-landed on Earth in that reality, he had been imprisoned and experimented on after being kept hidden from Earth’s sun.

The emaciated Man of Steel proved to be of little help, but The flash will focus attention on Sasha Calle’s Supergirl. It’s been confirmed that promo art won’t feature all the powers in the movie, and that’s clearly a result of her imprisonment.

Batman and The Flash track down Supergirl and it’s clearly not in a good way. Why has the Caped Crusader never tried to free her before? On an Earth without Superman, we have to assume that her existence is a secret!

5. Barry Allen meets Barry Allen


By now, you’ve probably seen the second Barry Allen in this movie, and this electrifying moment… well, it leaves us with a lot of questions.

While the DCEU has never fully explained how the hero became the fastest man alive, it’s safe to assume that a fateful lightning bolt must have struck him, mixing with the chemicals he was using to try to clear his father’s name. In this piece, it apparently affects both versions of Barry, but what does that even mean?

Yes The flash If you’re following the comics, then you’ll probably end up powerless in this new reality. By tracking down his younger self in an effort to regain his powers, it is likely that both of them receive them, which is why young Barry dresses up in a homemade costume!

4. Return of Batman(s)


Michael Keaton’s return as Batman seems to be much shorter than we expected, with Bat girl Y batman of the future both discarded by DC Studios.

We’ll talk more about his Dark Knight soon, but it won’t be. The flashHe is the only caped crusader. Ben Affleck reprises the role as well, and this concept art shows off his new Batsuit and awesome motocycle as he presumably races through Gotham City or Central City during a team-up with his protégé, Barry Allen.

Bruce, who continues to serve as Scarlet Speedster’s mentor, explains why the hero immediately tracks down the Batman of that new reality, and Batfleck fans are sure to appreciate one last badass ride for this version of Bruce Wayne.

3. Back in the Batcave


A new reality means a new Batman, and that will lead us to revisit a familiar Batcave! It’s gotten a big upgrade if this concept art is any indication, and while it’s certainly a bit empty here, we hope it’s chock full of Easter Eggs.

The classic Batmobile is seen in one piece, while another shows Batman standing next to what appears to be a chair… an electric chair, perhaps?

In Flash point, Barry Allen tried to regain his powers by sitting on one of those on top of Wayne Manor in the hope that another lightning bolt would help the hero regain his speed. He didn’t turn out perfectly, and the same thing that happens here may explain why The Flash tracks the younger self of him in this patchwork of realities.

2. The Girl of Steel Ignites


We don’t know where the costume came from (perhaps it was recovered from a spaceship similar to the one Kal-El found in the DCEU?), but the Girl of Steel seems to be back in full force here.

As Batman, The Flash, and Barry Allen look on, it appears Supergirl has finished off her captive, absorbing the benefits of Earth’s sun to regain her strength. The plan had been for this movie to end with Supergirl taking Superman’s place, so she’s sure to have a huge role here after establishing herself in the DCEU.

However, since DC Studios was formed, the DCEU is dead. It’s almost impossible to say if there’s a place for this Supergirl in the DCU as we write this.

1. New costumes


By now, we’ve had a pretty good look at The Flash’s new costume, and all signs point to it turning on at the same time as Barry. That should make for a cool image, with the belief that it will be encased within a ring worn by the hero.

As for Supergirl, that’s a design that’s very much in keeping with what Henry Cavill’s Superman wears, and it certainly doesn’t reinvent the wheel. However, if she’s going to stay in the DCU, and we doubt it, then a major overhaul is almost certainly in the works to coincide with whoever plays the new Man of Steel.

Batman is who we really want to highlight though, since that Batsuit is 100% badass. Staying true to what we wore at Tim Burton’s bat Man Y batman returns, this updated look for the hero is almost a bit Val Kilmer-esque. Despite what you see here, Keaton not be aged for The flash!

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