Queen Elizabeth’s plans ‘can’t be moved’ for Harry and Meghan: Palace Source

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Queen Elizabeth may have a hard time meeting Prince Harry and Meghan Markle when they visit the UK next month, as the elderly monarch has an exceptionally busy week in early September and, according to Buckingham Palace sources, “some things They can’t move.”

Sources at Buckingham Palace told The Daily Beast that while there was no intention of changing expectations one way or the other around whether or not Harry and Meghan would have an audience with the queen, it’s a simple fact that the week which begins on September 5 is stuck. packed with constitutional duties for the queen.

Harry and Meghan are expected to be in the UK twice in September: for the One Young World Summit 2022 in Manchester on September 5 and again on September 8 at the WellChild Awards. Between these dates they will be at an Invictus Games event in Düsseldorf. They are expected to stay at their Windsor home, Frogmore Cottage, but this has not been confirmed.

The most public of the queen’s duties that week is to hold an audience with Britain’s new prime minister on Sept. 6 and invite him to form a government. While this is not in itself a particularly long meeting, the queen, known for her assiduous work ethic, will require extensive briefings to prepare for her meeting with the new prime minister (likely the right-wing Liz Truss) and it would be unlikely. accept petty domestic distractions as he prepares to anoint the woman who may be his last prime minister. She is likely to want to spend a considerable amount of time after her formal activity reflecting on her meeting with her advisers and recording it in her private journals.

And if the queen seems to have cooled off a bit at the prospect of a reunion, who could blame her? The last time he met his grandmother, Harry told Hoda Kotb everything on an NBC This day interview, saying that his grandmother had a habit of telling him secrets that she would not tell any other member of the family and that he had been checking that she had the “right people” around her as if he were her guardian.

Few people like to have their private conversations discussed on television, especially when it implies that other members of the family are incompetent or indifferent, and especially when they are the queen. Once bitten, the queen could be twice as shy.

So the fact that this is Harry and Meghan’s chosen week for their visit might give the palace a convenient mechanism to hold a meeting.

There will be no such easy reasons for Harry not having met his brother.

As a vivid example of how bad the feud between William and Harry is now, consider this: Even though their homes will be less than half a mile apart, William will be moving into Adelaide Cottage on the Windsor estate in the next few weeks and Harry and Meghan had hoped to stay at Frogmore Cottage, with the siblings reportedly having “no plans” to see each other when Harry and Meghan come to the UK next month.

the daily telegraph made the startling claim that “there are no plans to see the Cambridges” in a report published Monday night by his royal correspondent, Victoria Ward. Interestingly, the newspaper did not cite, even anonymously, the sources of the claim, but said: “The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have no plans to see the Cambridges when they return to the UK next month, it is his understanding.” The Telegraph”.

While the wording seemed to suggest the claim had stemmed from a Sussex camp briefing, the Sussexes promised last year that their spokespeople would no longer provide off-the-record information to the media.

While their spokespersons would not be tempted to actively deny that they made the “unplanned” comment, The Daily Beast has no reason to believe that this policy of not providing anonymous quotes is not yet in place, suggesting that they did not make the comment. A source at Buckingham Palace said the “no plans” comment did not come from them either. Williams and Kate’s office did not return an email seeking comment.

While the provenance of the intelligence may not be clear, few will doubt its accuracy. The idea of ​​William and Harry getting together for a chinwag is laughable after the Platinum Jubilee debacle, where William and Kate made no effort to meet Harry and Meghan in person and held an official engagement in Cardiff on their birthday. of Lilibet.

As with most intractable disputes, it’s not hard to see why a resolution remains so elusive: Both sides think they’re right and they’re the ones who are owed an apology.

It is now blindingly obvious that neither brother has the remotest interest in reconciliation.

As with most intractable disputes, it’s not hard to see why a resolution remains so elusive: Both sides think they’re right and they’re the ones who are owed an apology.

The Sussexes have repeatedly and glibly spoken out about what they see as the unacceptable way they were treated by the royal family.

Meanwhile, William was outraged by Harry’s very public accusation of Oprah Winfrey that a family member asked racist questions about the likely color of his and Meghan’s unborn children.

“We are not a racist family,” William said at the time, responding to questions from a reporter, which represent his only public comments on the matter.

In addition to the water that has already flowed under the bridge, William and the royals know there could be more to come. Hanging over it all is the Sword of Damocles, which is Harry’s memoir, due out sometime this fall. Release details are kept deliberately unclear: no title, cover image, or even release date have been announced, perhaps to minimize leaks, or to create more excitement when the book finally comes out. .

The fact that at Windsor they will be physically so close and yet emotionally so far apart is perhaps the best illustration of how poisonous this feud has become.

While Harry and Meghan have said they are visiting the UK to support charities “close to their hearts”, they may of course not be averse to generating more interest around the book by strategically raising its profile as the summer vacation season. comes to an end.

Harry’s visit to the UK will come just a week after the 25th anniversary of his mother’s death, and it would be invalid if he did not refer to that fact in any interviews or public speeches.

On her last trip to Europe, she told Hoda Kotb that her mother’s presence was a “constant” in her life, saying of Prince William: “She cheated on him and now she’s helping me.”

Whatever happens next month, it’s clear that the beloved brothers in arms are now involved in the coldest of wars.

The fact that at Windsor they will be physically so close and yet emotionally so far apart is perhaps the best illustration of how poisonous this feud has become.

But if the Windsors’ great pragmatist and peacemaker, the Queen herself, finds herself too busy to have a cup of tea with her grandson next month, many will take it as the clearest sign yet that Harry and Meghan really have. been cast out of the royal fold.

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