Love Is Blind’s Colleen Reed Responds To Claims She Looked ‘Awkward’ At Reunion

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Love is blind Colleen Reed has addressed speculation that she seemed uncomfortable during the reunion episode, telling Cosmopolitan UK that she was dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety leading up to the episode.

After the reunion episode that dropped on Netflix last week, several viewers raised concerns about Colleen Reed on Twitter.

The ballet dancer revealed on the couch that she and husband Matt Bolton were stronger than ever after saying “I do” at their wedding, and planned to move in together once their respective leases were up.


Some viewers took to Twitter about the appearance, with one writing: “Colleen looked awkward the whole meeting…” Someone else additional:”I’m sorry, but Colleen looks absolutely terrified during the meeting. Someone please check on her.” #Love is blind.”

Colleen has now addressed the speculation in a statement to Cosmopolitan UK where she said she was not in a “good headspace” ahead of the meeting. This was due to seeing the reaction of viewers around the first few episodes (the reunion was filmed shortly after the first few episodes appeared on Netflix).

She explained, “Going into the meeting, I was not in a good state of mind as I was dealing with a lot of anxiety due to the negative feedback I had endured for the first few episodes. While I knew what I had signed up for, at that point I , I was not prepared for the severity of outsiders criticizing my profession of which I am incredibly proud, my character and tearing down my body/physical traits.”

love is blind viewers express concern for colleen


Colleen went on to say that she was also “embarrassed” about having to rewatch the pool scene where she and Cole expressed that they found each other attractive and didn’t want to rewatch the scene to change things between her and her husband Matt. , and the female cast. members

“Not only was I dealing with this stress, but I was embarrassed to have to watch the pool scene in front of everyone and have to discuss it. I value my friendship with these girls so much. I didn’t want my actions to change anything with them or Matt I also expected more damaging comments,” he said.

Colleen added that Matt was incredibly supportive during the reunion filming, constantly reassuring her that he was okay.

love is blind viewers express concern for colleen


Ballet dancer Colleen has had an interesting journey in Love is blindinitially getting along with Cole Barnett in the pods before hooking up with her now-husband Matt Bolton.

After the couple got engaged, they had a rough time on their honeymoon, before finally saying “I do” during the season finale, which aired on November 9.

At the meeting, Colleen and Matt revealed that they were still married but were currently living apart due to rent prices. Speaking on the couch at the reunion, the two said they were “doing great” and taking their relationship “incredibly seriously.”[ly]”.

As well as responding to comments about her well-being at the meeting, Colleen also told Cosmopolitan UK that she wishes the episode had looked at her discussions with Matt. She said that she wanted the opportunity to explain and bring clarity to the audience.

He added: “I wish Matt and I would be questioned and discussed our consequences along with what led us from not being sure to say ‘yes’ at the altar. Both Matt and I have come through it all and learned from our experience, so then we’re very open to talking about everything. I think it would have provided a lot of clarity to the audience.”

Colleen ended the meeting by saying that she couldn’t wait to move in with Matt and that the couple were looking to move in together in the next few months.

Cosmopolitan has contacted Colleen and production company Kinetic Content for comment.

Love Is Blind is now available on Netflix.

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