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The One-Stop Shop For PCB Fabrication

Are you looking for a PCB fabrication company that can complement your innovative designs? Worry no more because Imagineering, Inc. will always be ready to fulfill your printed circuit board needs. For over 27 years of existence, we are proven to be the leading manufacturer of high quality PCB products that are affordable in cost and are delivered on time. Our commitment to offer the best service to our clients made our company the standard in the industry.

From the state-of-the-art PCB fabrication equipments down to various materials and capabilities, our success has always been grounded by our main goal:

Evaluate the needs of every customer, understand what the customer values and provide the best product and service that cover the customer’s constraints. Given these ends in minds, we are proud to say that the number of our clients have grown so much over the years. To make things better, our business relationships with them have been stronger than ever.

PCB Assembly

We manufacture extremely high-end printed circuit boards and reliable PCB prototypes that are suited for whatever innovations you have in mind. As committed as we are, we consistently coordinate with you to get your projects done just as when you need them. Our team of experienced specialists have developed a good practice for PCB design, prototyping and parts sourcing. The degree of complexity for every project that we encounter doesn’t matter as we have gathered skilled process engineers and line operators that are willing to do the job.

Our general services include PCB fabrication, prototype assembly, short-run assembly and components procurement. We are flexible enough in offering both full and partial turn-key services. PCB fabrication and assembly is covered by full turn-key services, together with procurement of parts, PCB manufacture, online order tracking and a series of inspections to determine product quality.

If a client opts to avail the partial turn-key service, he or she must be responsible for supplying the PCBs with the partial list of parts to be used. We, on the other hand, will be the one to continue the process of ordering the remaining parts and perform the assembly based from the product specifications given by the client. To make things convenient, we can also kit the parts.

Pcb fabrication

To successfully avail the turn-key quote, several requirements are needed. These include the Bill of Materials (BOM), Gerber Data (274X Format) or Assembly Drawing, sample of the product (if available) and the printed circuit board (in case you have ordered beforehand from another company). Our easy to use online quote engine helps you get things done fast.

The success of our endeavors are made possible with our state-of-the-art, well-calibrated PCB assembly equipments that produce large volumes of high quality circuit boards. Given our high-tech environment, we don’t resort to the use of stencils in accomplishing your projects. Jetting technology is a non-contact method of applying solder paste by allowing it to build-up by single dots to achieve the right amount for each pad.

For your PCB fabrication needs, we offer rigid, flex and multi-layer printed circuit boards. To further improve the quality of your desired product, we offer substrates such as Nelcro, Arlon, Alumnimum PCBs and many others. Aside from that, we are also ready to manufacture printed circuit boards that are in compliance with the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) legislation. This directive prohibits the use of cadmium, hexa-valent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls (PBB), polybrominated biphenylethers (PBBE or PBDE), mercury and lead to be included as one of the substances for the manufacture of PCBs.

Printed Circuit Board

Our successful prototype deliveries for the previous year reached about 60,000. This was made possible because of our trusted overseas PCB facilities that were able to accomplish several projects and deliver them to 4,500 customers across the globe.

Constant expansion of our domestic and international markets has been the core advantage of Imagineering, Inc. With this, advanced techniques to improve automation and hasten production will be further researched. In the long run, we will continue to work hard in serving all of your PCB needs.

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PCB creation and gathering is secured by full turn-key administrations, together with acquisition of parts, PCB fabricate, online request following and a progression of reviews to decide item quality. Here, you can get top quality items.
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How To Buy Quality And Affordable ID Lanyards Online

Lanyards are straps or cords worn by people around their neck, wrist, or shoulder in order to carry items like identification cards or keys. For the military sector, lanyards are useful in firing a weaponry piece and arming the fuze device via air dropped bomb. But in the most common case scenario, ID lanyards are popular among students, employees, and members of any association for identification purposes.

There is plethora of color combinations used in making lanyards and some even integrate braid patterns in order to provide more creative styles. When it comes to materials, designs and styles used, it actually varies based on the lanyard’s end-purpose. However, the common materials used include braided paracord, braided leather, polyethylene terephthalate, silk, satin, nylon, and polyester.

The following are the common styles you can take advantage of when buying ID lanyards:

• Dye sublimated lanyards

• Full color lanyards

• Tube imprinted lanyard

• Nylon imprinted lanyard

• Polyester imprinted lanyard

Other Uses of Lanyards

In the small electronic industry, lanyards are also useful in holding USB flash drive, MP3 player, and camera in order to avoid dropping or loss. The devices designed to use lanyard usually have small holes built in the edge or corner of the gadgets. As an identification or badge holder, lanyards are excellent in displaying tickets, badges, and ID cards in the purpose of identification particularly in places where security is needed.

LanyardsIn trade fairs, conventions, prisons, hospitals, corporations, and other businesses across the globe, lanyard is essential. ID lanyards are usually made of woven or braided fabric with attached clip on its end. A badge holder or plastic pouch with a clear side can be seen on the lanyard along with the ID card or name badge of the wearer. Sometimes, people attach small items on it such as tools, pens, and business cards for quicker access.

You can also use this product as keychain wherein you can simply attach your keys so they don’t get lost whenever you’re in communal showers, public pools or gyms. Hence, if you want to benefit from top quality ID lanyards, we’re here to help you. Our company in fact offers premium lanyards in order to suit the needs of the market. If you’re company, school, or organization needs supply of lanyards, please feel free to contact us today.

Why Shop With Us

We can customize the lanyards if you want in order to incorporate your brand on it. Our specialized team is here to produce unique lanyards that the customers exactly need. All you have to do is provide us the design or logo you want to imprint on the lanyards. Our techniques actually include offset printing, heat transfer, Jacquard loom interlacing, and screen printing. You can check out our site and see our portfolio so you have an idea of how we work.

With a safety strap or cord, you can ensure that your identification card will not get lost. We know how important it is to secure IDs because it’s an essential in the school or company you are working in. Most of the lanyards provide built in feature called breakaway closure. This helps the cord to release once pressure is applied or pulled. In that way, you can prevent hanging or choking. This type of lanyard is commonly used in nursing homes, schools, healthcare clinics, and hospitals.

Taking Advantage of ID Card Lanyards

And for uniform accessories, lanyards are worn by people on uniforms to provide aesthetic style. If you have questions and other related concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details. We can give you the exact pricing and lanyard styles that you can choose from so that you can fit your budget. As your reputable lanyard builder in the country, you are guaranteed to receive premium quality lanyards you can use in attaching your ID cards. Call us today and get free quotes!

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How Golf Balls are Made

The Golf ball is definitely a very unique piece of sporting equipment. It has very unique features which make it stand out among other balls. These very distinctive features help facilitate the game of golf and make it more fun. These features enable golfers to drive their ball as far as they can down the fairway in order to reach the green more easily. The further one’s drive is, the better it is for the golfer. This will require less strokes to reach the green and a lower handicap for the golfer. It goes without saying that there is no golf game without the golf gall. It would be interesting to find out how these small golf balls are made.

The process of making golf balls starts by forming the center of the ball. This part of the ball is also known as the core. This solid core is usually molded and made with of a combination of different materials. These different materials are actually mostly varied kinds of rubber. A compound like rubber is important for the construction of golf balls because they help absorb impact from the golf club. This material makes a more durable yet lighter ball. It also allows the ball to get high up in the air and travel maximum distance. After the rubber core is made, manufacturers then use a combination of heat and pressure to solidify the core. When this is done, the core should measure a diameter of one and half inches.


The second step in manufacturing golf balls involves forming the outer shell cover of the ball. This is the part where the dimples are made on the surface of the ball. These dimples are not for aesthetic reasons or just as quirky design in the ball. It actually has an explainable purpose in the game. The dimples are needed to help propel the ball to long distances.

Making the outer shell of the golf ball requires modern machinery. The technology used by golf ball manufacturers allow for faster and more efficient production of these shells. With the core already in a solid state, the compression and molding machines are then used to mold the outer shell of the ball. In these machines, the core is positioned within a dimpled mold using pins to keep it in place. Then, the injection machines then pump thermoplastic compound into the dimpled mold. Once injected, the thermoplastic takes the shape of the mold. This compound starts forming a soft shell that completely covers the rubber core. Heat and compression are continuously applied. In this process the hot thermoplastic is bound to the core. When the required heating and compression times are done, the thermoplastic then cools and eventually hardens. The mold is opened and the ball comes out with the trademark white dimpled shell.

The third and last step is the painting and polishing process. In the painting process, two coats are sprayed on the ball to give it its distinct color and shine. The first coat done by a painting machine is usually white. Once this coat dries, the ball is ready for its second protective coating. A separate machine takes care of spraying the second coat. Unlike the first coat, this second protective coating is transparent. When everything is dry, the ball is polished to give it its distinct gleam that makes all the dimples more noticeable.

It might not be all that significant to your game to learn about how these balls are made. It’s good to know this information, though. A little bit of trivia about golf balls would not hurt any game enthusiast. Besides, knowing how these balls are made will make you appreciate them even more. They take a lot of beating on the greens, but they are actually made with such meticulous care and attention. The next time you pick up a box of balls from your favorite golf store, you’ll know not to take them for granted.

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Long Island Real Estate Finds

Long Island in New York has a lot or real estate properties for people looking for a place to live during the summer or for people wanting to live there permanently. If you fall into either category, you should easily find a Long Island real estate property to stay in, whether you seek to live in the Hamptons, Nassau, Suffolk, Fire Island, or North Fork.

Why Long Island?

Long Island has it all with its perfect combination of a suburban life and a metropolitan lifestyle. Many of New York City’s elite come here to escape the bustling city life and the island is also home to various cultures as well. Long Island locals and visitors alike would enjoy various water activities like fishing and boating as the island is rich in natural wonders. The island is also home to numerous golf courses, parks, and recreation and equestrian facilities.

Long Island Neighborhoods

HamptonsWhile the place is home to some of the world’s most expensive Long Island real estate properties, there is always something for even people with modest budgets.

In Long Island, the most expensive properties are found in the Hamptons. The area’s real estate properties are typically described as waterfront estates with gardens and private beaches, charming cottages, massive equestrian properties, and contemporary loft-style condominiums. The Hamptons are more of a summer destination. Luxury rentals peak beginning late spring up to the early days of autumn. The off-season rentals are best for enjoying the holidays amid peaceful and pristine natural beauty.

Nassau County, which is home to 1.3 million people, is also one of the United States’ wealthiest counties. The county is characteristically suburban with areas that are heavily urbanized. Its major cities are Long Beach and Glen Cove. While the county is a good distance away from busy Manhattan, it can be easily accessed through the Long Island Railroad, which has dozens of stops throughout the county.

Suffolk County is New York State’s easternmost county and is even more rural in nature than Nassau County. Suffolk has beautiful sights like amazing mansions, theaters, aquariums, and winding roads that lead to a historic lighthouse and calm sandy beaches. Suffolk County is also home to golf courses, vineyards, cattle ranches, and water parks.

Fire Island, which was first settled in the 18th century, is an island separated by Great South Bay, Bellport Bay, Patchogue Bay, Moriches Bay, and Narrow Bay. Fire Island can be accessed via two causeways, public ferries, or by private boat.

North Fork is known for its rural hamlets, potato farms, and bustling communities with cultural attractions, fine dining restaurants, and vineyards. North Fork is also a popular region for people to own or lease Long Island real estate properties. However, it has a more rural vibe than the neighboring South Fork, which is part of the Hamptons. In North Fork, you are most likely to see or experience fishing villages and horse farms instead of celebrity-spotting or lawn parties.

Sample Listings

houseThe listings of Long Island real estate properties vary and they depend on the client’s requirements. A large affluent family may want to reside in a listing in Southampton Village. This fully-furnished $2 million house has over 2,900 square feet of floor area with four bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, and gourmet kitchens. As this house is part of a larger 13-acre community, your family can enjoy the tennis court, pool, and club house.

A more affordable affair would be in Greenport, New York. With a price of $525,000, this two-family antique home boasts of a rocking-chair porch, wood plank floors, internal side porch, and extra room for a swimming pool. The multi-family Victorian-style townhouse has two baths and two bedrooms.

If you are looking to rent a Long Island property for the summer, there are also a lot of listings. For $35,000 to $140,000, depending on the length of stay, a contemporary house in Dune Road, Westhampton Beach, may appeal to larger groups or families with its 12 rooms (including six bedrooms) and five baths. This rental boasts of a massive open floor plan with a heated Oceanside pool. It also comes with a 20 x 40 deck that overlooks the Atlantic and is perfect for afternoon cocktails.

Another rental property is in Blueberry Lane, Quogue. Renting for $55,000, this post-modern home has four bedrooms and 3.5 baths in an area of 3,500 square feet. Aside from its magnificent architecture, you would be delighted with access to the beach, a heated pool, and an in-kitchen dining area. The grounds are also something to look forward to with 43,996 square feet of lawn.

Call Us

call usIf you are looking to buy or rent Long Island real estate properties, call us as we are the best when it comes to dealing with real estate. Aside from our main services of rental brokerage and residential sales, we also engage in relocation as well as development marketing. We also assist seniors move to their retirement havens.

So, if you want a change in life and move permanently to Long Island or you just want to spend the summers there, look for us and we will be happy to help you with your real estate needs.

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Why Rubber Bracelets Became Trendy?

Rubber bracelets had been an instant hit for the past years and had gained more popularity in people of all ages and from all walks of life.  The fact that these little pieces of rubber ornaments are quite handy, useful and stylish, there seems no end to all the hype in the near future.  But what about these bracelets that people seem to care about?

Such wristbands are originally made of 100 percent rubber though there came out some variations of these in gel and silicone materials.  Aside from being flexible, these silicone bands are also durable.  They come in varied colors and you can wear them anywhere and anytime.

These items are also in demand during political campaigns as they are used as giveaways.  These bracelets also symbolize both the candidate and the political party where the candidate belongs as indicated by their color coding. The customized bracelets likewise bear the slogan and name of the political candidate.

Athletes, cheerleaders and people active in various sports also favored this simple wristband and had conveniently used them without showing any feeling of discomfort.  The lightweight and non-toxic material proves to be safe for use even by children.  These items are waterproof, highly resistant to rust and dust and can also resist heat and moisture as well.  These items can, therefore, manage to last for several years and still not lost its color and flexibility.

Customization Options

As rubber bracelets are getting trendy and fashionable, people learn to customize them. Options for colors and designs have grown through the years and silicone wristbands are now offered with various designs.

•    Embossed – the design which reflects raised letterings.
•   Debussed – the design with letters embedded in the rubber material.
•    Swirl – the design using with swirling patterns
•    Segmented –  The design with multiple colors
•    Glow in the Dark – the rubber used in the wristband is coated with a neon-colored material that actually glows in the dark and with letterings which reflect extreme-glowing colors.

Rubber BraceletsWhile you get to explore your creativity in your choices of colors, placing text or logos, you will find out that there are thousands of colors to choose from and many designs available for your preference.  These are all perfect for party and events favors, freebies, and other giveaways.

Many companies are just too happy to hand you a catalog of their selection and collections of patterns and prints.  Likewise, you may also submit an original work to be finally printed on your wristbands. The large array of customized designs and colors to choose from make them suitable for customizing.

What’s the Need for a Customized Wristband?

For Promotional Campaigns

There are many uses for customized bracelets.  You can utilize these items to promote your business.  You can use them as giveaways for customers who make purchases.  You can also give them away during community events for promotion or on your own promotional campaigns.

Social organizations can also use these rubber bracelets to gain awareness about the organization and their works.  By simply embedding your program’s slogan across the band, you can engage other people to share with your advocacy and sentiments.

For Fundraising Efforts

You can use customized bracelets for fundraising activities either in school or community to gather funds for special events, and civic thrust. Civic organizations sell customized wristbands with their names on it to their members and sympathizers.  They used proceeds derived from such funding efforts to support their projects and programs.

For Color Coding in Sports Events

Customized rubber bracelets are usually seen worn by teenagers playing basketball, volleyball, Ping-Pong and other sports activities. Sometimes they are even used for color coding so the referee can identify who belong to the same team in the absence of uniforms.

Personalized Rubber Wristband

If you want a more personalized wristband, you can make your own and there’s nothing to match something created and designed by you.  Doing it alone can be fun and exciting.  It also allows you to add more meaning to the simple silicone band while you add a personal touch to it.  You can get more creative with the design as you hand-decorate a plain rubber bracelet with stars, glitters, stripes, polka dots and hearts.  You can use pastel gel pens for the letterings.

Plain silicone bands of various colors and sizes are available in wholesale for a much lower price compared to its retail counterpart.  They also vary in width.  So if you intend to personalize your wristband, choose the wider one so you won’t find a hard time decorating it.

Now, that you are aware of how beneficial rubber bracelets are, why not start buying one to try on. From there, you may end up with great success in your business.

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The Different Uses of HCG

Human Chorionic Gonadoropin or HCG plays a key role in the pregnancy of a woman. It helps nourish the egg attached in the uterine wall and aids in the development of fetus. When a pregnant woman reaches her 8th to 11th week of pregnancy, the HCG level usually surges. Over the years, different benefits were discovered with the use of HCG for different medicinal purposes.

Medical-Uses-For-HCGProgesterone is a vital hormone that protects the growing fetus inside a mother’s womb. The corpus luteum secretes the progesterone after it interacts with HCG together with the ovary’s receptor. As a result of other researches done, HCG emerged to have numerous benefits that both men and women can take advantage, for such advantages visit URL.

HCG, when used as an intramuscular medicine, helps address issues among young boys with little or no sexual development at all. It allows the release of testosterone, the male hormone responsible for the development of sexual and reproductive characteristics of men. For example, treatment using HCG helps drop down the testicles to the scrotum at a normal position.HCG is also used to cure infertility problems on women; however, it’s highly recommended to discontinue treatment when pregnant since it can lead to birth defects on the baby.

Treatment through injection is usually administered by a health care professional. When this is self-administered, it is very crucial to seek medical advice and become aware on how to properly apply the treatment to reduce risks. The medication may involve minor and severe effects depending on the amount of dosage required for treatment.

Allergic reaction may be felt during and after medication. Effects may include swelling of the face, lips and throat. Along with this, difficulty of breathing and numbness may also be felt. However, if signs of blood clotting appear and there is severe headache, it is best to consult a doctor immediately for proper treatment.

The side effects felt by men and women may vary during HCG treatment. For women, common side effects include pelvic and stomach pain including bloating. Effects may be mild to severe and this will depend on the level of dosage applied to the patient. That’s why it’s recommended to talk and work with a physician first to increase your awareness on what to expect when undergoing treatment.

Over the years, the use of HCG as a means of losing weight has generated mixed reviews due to its side effects. Psychologically, effects can outweigh the appealing results where dieters often have to look at and closely track their weight statistics as they progress during the later phase. However, a faster breakdown of fat deposits is more likely to occur in this diet than in any other workout available.

Spot injecting is also used as a method to remove stubborn fats surrounding the belly. This helps promote burning of excess fat in this specific area. The study of using HCG as a form of diet came across first in ATW Simon’s paper reported in 1954. He mentioned that the use of HCG as an injection results to a faster mobilization on stored body fats.

Although claims from product users emerged to support this as an effective form of diet, HCG drops do not yet have approval from the Food and Drug Administration regarding its safe and effective use. Thus, there is uncertainty on whether or not this product can indeed facilitate weight loss.

The appealing side of the diet includes the lower amount of physical activity required that can be a relief for those wanting to lose weight without undergoing strenuous activities. The use of HCG in general needs proper monitoring when using drops for diet and injections for treatment